“Let food be thy medicine…”

Hi! Hope you are having a great week so far! I’ve been attempting to take more and more pics of recipes that I’ve tried so hopefully they will be popping up here soon:) Today’s post was inspired as I was making lunch today, slicing sweet potato for my salad. Since we made a huge batch of sweet potatoes and have had them on hand, I have been eating them everyday for almost a week. This got me wondering how often some starchy or carby foods should be consumed, and so I did a little research, compiled it with common sense, and came out with this list:

Foods to eat daily:

Lean meat/protein, flax seeds, green leafy vegetables (and pretty much all other vegetables and fruit), chia seeds, almondmilk/skim milk, oatmeal/other whole grain, nuts, yogurt, green tea


Foods to eat every other day:

Sweet potatoes/yams, cheese, avocado, eggs, whole milk, dark chocolate, dates (high G.I.)

from justasdelish


Foods to have once/twice a week:

Alcohol, chocolate, white potatoes, red meat, tuna

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