A Knacking for Snacking

     It’s 10:30 and lunch still looms 2 hours away, yet your stomach relentlessly reminds you that it it time to eat. Luckily for you, snacking properly in the right amounts at the right times keeps your metabolism buzzing and can be a very healthy habit. I eat breakfast at  6:45 most days, so a ten o’ clock snack is routine for me. I tend to eat a mini-lunch at 12, so I’ll have another mini-meal at around 2:30, and eat dinner at 6. This schedule works for my body at never renders me in the “starvation mode”, which makes it easy to make healthy decisions.

     Snacks should be around 200 calories and shouldn’t contain much sugar. I’ve found that eating a piece of fruit alone or a sugary granola bar digests quickly at leaves me almost hungrier than before. Try to include good carbohydrates that will sustain you until your next meal.

     Snack ideas include:

Granola Bars! (only healthy ones, of course- see Granola Bars 101)

Protein Shakes/ Smoothies

Vegetables and Hummus

Small Bowl of Oatmeal/Granola

Nuts/Seeds and a piece of fruit

1/2 of a nut butter sandwich

from yummyvegan

Greek Yogurt with Just Like Sugar, Vanilla Extract, and Berries

Peanut Butter, Banana, and Ezekial Rollups

Get creative and happy snacking!:)


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