From Garden to Plate

Baby brocc- so cute

Despite promises of freshness, most produce makes many stops and waits around for a good few days before it arrives at your grocery store. Then, it usually stays in your fridge for a few days while you use it for meals and salads. By the time you’re down to your last leaves, you’ve got produce that has been out of the ground for up to two weeks! When I started my organic vegetable garden back in March, I honestly wasn’t expecting much to grow. Now, my raised beds are becoming filled with vibrant green produce that I can put on my salads and lunches in a matter of seconds. Let me tell you, the taste is way more fresh than any bagged lettuce and romaine actually has flavor! I highly encourage you to go to Home Depot, grab some pots, a few bags of soil, and some seeds, and start your own. And take it from someone who has learned the hard way, follow those annoying little words called directions on the back;) Among the veggies I’m growing are cilantro, broccoli, carrots, lettuce (3 kinds), peppers, bell peppers, kale, peas, and cucumber. The first four are really thriving, and the others are just sprouts. And, most importantly, my two baby fig trees! I hope that by the time summer comes around, I can be making fig butter and ricotta stuffed figs:) Will keep you posted on the status of the garden; I swear these plants double in size over night!


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