Jumping on the Bandwagon


 New to the healthy living blogging world, I stumbled across the “What I Ate Wednesday” http://www.peasandcrayons.com/p/wiaw.html on Pea’s and Crayons just the other day. When I saw the link to all of the participating blogs, I immediately felt self conscious of my very WIAW-lacking blog here. Of course, this was on Thursday and I have been impatiently waiting since for Wednesday to come so that I could put my little blog in the WIAW revolution. Three days means 72 hours which sounds much too long to wait. So, without further ado, I present to you… my What I Ate Saturday:) (I promise to snap pics on Wednesday!)

Breakfast was an avocado, almond butter, and banana wrap in an Ezekial tortilla…Best. Combination. Ever.  Maybe even more so than macaroni+cheese or pb+jelly. Anyways, post coming soon on this wonderfullness.

pic from heathereatsalmondbutter

Looked exactly like that^

Morning snack was a Chocolate Orgain
^Since I didn’t end up eating lunch until way past 12, I was so happy to have some staying powder from this.^
Lunch included an organic Golden Delicious apple, kelp noodles with Bragg’s, and a spinach salad with red wine vinegar
pic from nyappleco
These kelp noodles are…interesting. Going to try out some of the recipes they give on the back without a doubt! Salad included beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, garden lettuce, spinach, and bell pepper
pic from reallyrawfood
pic from the daily green

Dinner consisted of a box serving(I promise) 🙂 of this box of amazing:pic from kidkritics

I love the texture and taste… not to mention the nutrition facts!

Plus half of one of these chopped on top:
My go-to chicken burger^
with Steamed Asparagus and Fresh and Easy’s Tomato Sauce(added thyme and basil).
^we all know what this looks like, right?:)
Well there you have it, MGN’s first WIAW. Technically:)
 Normally I have two or three snacks in between meals, but was too busy to even eat lunch like a civilized person!
Looking forward to Wednesday to post a normal day of eats 🙂 Hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend!
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2 thoughts on “Jumping on the Bandwagon

  1. Mmm- kelp noodles! Interesting!
    I had pasta for dinner tonight too- love it so.so.much.
    Can’t wait to see you you have Wednesday!

  2. Welcome to the WIAW party, glad you joined the fun! 🙂 Yummy eats!

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