WIAW Number One

Hi everyone! Today is the middle of the week and that means that my blog is doing it’s first What I Ate Wednesday!  Here’s to many more healthy weeks to come:) WIAW #1:

Breakfast was a huge Carrot Cake Health Smoothie- will post it up tomorrow  under Smoothie Recipes! Guess who woke up 40 minutes late and forgot to take a picture? Oh well, spinach has the tendency to make my smoothies look like death in a cup anyways;) I topped it with almonds, coconut, and chia seeds. This smoothie actually tasted like a cross between a pumkin pie and carrot cake and was so delicous! You better believe that I was at Whole Foods buying a carrot at 9 o’clock tonight when I realized we didn’t have for a smoothie tomorrow.

At around 10, I had half of the orange I brought for lunch.

Lunch was an Ezekial Tortilla with baby greens, tomatoes, tofu, pepper, asparagus, and mustard with the other orange 1/2 on the side.

A few hours later I had a piece of Ezekial Bread with unsweetened apple butter ( the best), almond butter, and sunflower butter. I also had a cup of Fage0% with vanilla extract.

Dinner was simple and easy as I had only one thing on my mind- Rice. and. Beans. May 2nd, May 5th…it’s close enough right? I used TJ Organic Basmati Brown Rice with no salt added black and cannelini beans. I chopped up a tomato with an onion, garden cilantro, and lots of lime juice. Valentinos hot sauce was also involved in large quantities:)

                                                                   Recognize that lettuce? From soil to table in 20 seconds. I love my garden:)

Dessert was 1/2 of a Chai Almond Bumble Bar which was really good! I like my granola bars a little more filling but this was perfect for dessert.

While I love photography, my food photo skills obviously still need some work. Have you seen the pictures on Oh She Glows? Their perfect balance and lighting makes me jealous:) My cameras really great for action photos, though. Here’s a recent take:


There you have it:) I loved doing my first WIAW and will definately continue! I am also  doing a few recipe posts tomorrow! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday:)


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