WIAW: It’s the Little Things in Life

Peas and Crayons

In case you haven’t guessed, today is my birthday! I celebrated with family, friends, and of course, lots of great food.

Birthdays are one of those things that make you realize just how fortunate you are. Big and small, I couldn’t possibly count all the blessings in my life. In honor of appreciating the little things, I present to you a very thankful What I Ate Wednesday. The only things left out are a MultiGreen Kombucha (my favorite!) and a few ginger chews!

I’m thankful for nut butter and amazing birthday breakfasts like the avocado banana almond butter wrap and a cocoa hemp green smoothie (review to come!) I’m also thankful for the editor tool when I’m too delirious to take a picture with good lighting  in the morning:)

I’m thankful for friends (especially when they let you raid their tree of figs to make homemade fig butter!) I added a spoonful to TJ Organic Greek Yogurt for a morning snack

I’m thankful that I have access to healthy foods, particularily big salads with garden lettuce, microgreens, avocado, lentils, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, and tomatoes. (I’m thankful for tupperware that tupperware that doesn’t leak everywhere, too!)

I’m thankful that I live near a Whole Foods- and their gigantic granola bar section! Found a new bar today- Go Take a Hike Raw Vegan energy bar- such much flavor and full of amazing quality ingresients! I also don’t know what I would do without  my sister’s patience after I spend 15 minutes perusing the bar aisle.;)

I’m thankful for getting to go out for dinner; for seaweed salads and fresh salmon and crab rolls,  for the brown rice option at Kabuki, and i-phones for snapping pics for WIAW.

I’m thankful for organic carrot cake, presents, and most of all, my wonderful and supportive family, who makes everything possible.

All I can say is, I’m one lucky girl.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

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19 thoughts on “WIAW: It’s the Little Things in Life

  1. Your food looks tasty! Happy Birthday, have a great day!!

  2. that is so sweet of your friend to make you fig butter! I am slightly jealous that she has a fig tree!

  3. thebreakfastdiaries

    Yum. Your eats look amazing! So fresh and healthy looking!

  4. I really need to try that banana wrapped in a tortille with almond butter. It looks like such a fun breakfast!

    • You’ll be addicted once you try it:) I put it in the oven at 175 for a few minutes and that makes the almond butter melty and the tortilla a little crispy- so delicious!

  5. Avocado and nut butter? I am seriously wondering what that tastes like :O! This was a great post to show off what you’re thankful for 🙂

  6. Wow, that avocado banana almond butter wrap looks so yummy! It’s a must try for me soon!<3

  7. I love those “wraps” with nut butter and banana. I do mine with almond or peanut butter, add banana and strawberries, then grill in grill pan…I, too, love them warm and how the nut butter melts!

  8. Happy Birthday! Your cocoa hemp green smoothie looks good. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! i love the pics and your gratitude statements!

  10. Happy belated birthday Sunnie! 😀 How old/young are you now? Or did I just totally miss that information…. 😉 Sorry – I’m in a hurry to get to work, but I just had to blog for a moment 😉

    Anyway.. your food day looks AMAZING! Don’t you just love the combination of bananas and avocado?! I used to eat a big salad bowl filled with banana and avocado and orange + lemon juice for breakfast = yummie 🙂 I never made a wrap with the combi though.. I will try 😉

    And OMG spending way to much time in one aisle – been there, done that! 😀 I can keep staring at all the fun new things they have and comparing them all to find the best of the best lol!

    • I know, so many new products! Yum the breakfast bowl sounds to die for! You should try the Mango-Avocado and Balsamic Vinegar combo if you like fruit with avocado…it sounds odd but is so delicious! Thanks for the birthday wishes:)

      • Oh great idea! That sounds delicious too! I think balsamic ‘n fruit is lovely together so it doesn’t sound so weird to me 😉

  11. Happy belated birthday! I’m thankful To live near a whole foods with a great granola bar section too! And wow, homemade fig butter sounds amazingly delicious!

  12. What a great post and collection of eats. I am seriously kicking myself right now for never thinking of pairing nut butter with avocado! Seriously awesome!

    Happy birthday- hope you have a day filled with friends, family and fun 🙂

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