Strawberry Shortcake Health Smoothie Bowl

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to take this:

and put it in a blender. Although that would be quite tasty:)

Instead, I’m going to give you a recipe for a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie that only tastes like you sinned. This smoothie is so refreshing and full of healthy fats and nutrients.

Strawberry Shortcake Health Smoothie Bowl 


Frozen Banana

1/2 c. strawberries (frozen or fresh)

1 cup Almondmilk

Spirulina powder

1 sc. vanilla protein powder

1 tsp. Vanilla extract (important!)

Flax Oil

1/4 avocado pit- optional

and you know you want to throw in that handful of spinach…:)


Blend all ingredients. This is why I write so many smoothie posts:)

I topped mine with hemp hearts and chia seed. The only reason this isn’t a green smoothie is because I was out of spinach, but there is a few leaves of kale from my garden in there.

Follow the ratio of fruit to almondmilk and you will end up with a smoothie that has the texture of soft serve ice cream…perfect!

I’m dedicating the month of June to smoothies…especially green smoothies. They are exactly what I want in the morning! I’m thinking up some new ideas ad already have Cinnamon Pumpkin and Peach Cobbler on the agenda. Let me know your suggestions:)

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10 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake Health Smoothie Bowl

  1. I love adding avocado to smoothies. It seriously makes it such a perfect texture! And with a banana too = extra creaminess. Delicious. This looks awesome!

  2. Mmm, this sounds lovely- I’m going to have to give it a try. I’ve just discovered green smoothies (mint’s my current favourite!) and love them.

    • Oh my goodness mint, maybe chocolate mint, sounds fantastic! Do you just use mint leaves or mint extract? Thanks for the suggestion!:)

      • I use mint extract- fresh mint would probably work but I like mine quite strong so the mint extract works well for me 🙂 Mmm now chocolate mint sounds good too!

  3. thebreakfastdiaries

    Peach cobbler sounds yummy!

    I love blueberry smoothies the most, so maybe a blueberry-related one?? Have fun with smoothie month!

  4. Oooh this looks delicious! I love chocolate-related smoothies. I’m a serious chocoholic, haha.

  5. Yum! But I’m curious- why the avocado put? What does it add?

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