Hiding in There

As I have been caught up in so many amazing recipes and What I Ate Wednesdays to participate in, I haven’t posted a health post in a while and decided to make that today’s topic. The other day, I was attempting to do my best to find a healthy granola bar option in a gas station. When I came to the reality that no,  a ProBar or LaraBar or Go Raw bar was not going to magically appear, I began to read some of the labels of the common protein bars. I was shocked at not only the length, but also the complexity of the ingredients of majority  of them and was left completely confused. Of course, I know the basic things to look out for, like hydrogenated oil, food colorings, refined sugar, etc., but it gets a little more complex when the ingredient names take up a whole line. So, with that inspiration, I present to you a post that will leave you informed of a few of the more sneaky and less common ingredients to look out for in foods.

BVO – Brominated Vegetable Oil: Increase triglycerides and can damage liver, heart, and kidneys. Used for flavor in citrus based fruits and soft drinks.

Found in Mountain Dew, Powerade, and Fanta.

pic from fooddemocracy

Aspartame: Found in diet sodas and sweets such as Diet Coke, this artificial sweetener can reduce your healthy gut flora by 50%!

pic from fooducate

Acesulfame K: This is one of the worst artificial sweeteners out there. Tests show that it causes cancer in animals and…wait, do I really need to go on??

Found in protein powders, diet drinks, diet sweets, etc.

Olestra: This calorie freen fat subsitute is used in products such as some of those made by Frito Lay. It passes through your body undigested because the molecules are so large, and causes vitamins A, D, E, and K to be flushed out of the body.

pic from 71free

You can determine the fate of your plate by keeping products with these ingredients off of them. Hope you learned something new!;) Stop by soon-this blog has some more great recipe posts in its future!

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