Healthy Fragrant Eggplant Chips

Two eggplants that never quite made it into the Eggplant Parmessan I had planned sat on my counter on their last leg . Destined for the garbage. What to do? If there’s one thing I hate, it’s letting produce go to waste. Not only is it a shame to have to throw away the food, but I always  feel as if I’m putting money in the trash, too. To solve this occasional problem (we love our veggies in this house!) I made a compost…and then promptly ended it when I spotted hundreds of tiny bugs swarming around. So, I needed a new plan-  and one that didn’t involve maggots. Don’t worry, my new solution is much more appetizing:) Veggie Chips! Since the vegetables turn brown in the oven, you can’t even see the brown spots. They are a healthy alternative to regular chips and are great with hummus, salsa, and as salad toppers. Plus, they are super easy to make! Naturally, I decided to make the eggplants into chips as well. Here’s what I did…

Healthy Fragrant Eggplant Chips


2 small/medium eggplants or one 1 large

1 1/2 T. Olive Oil

Sprinkle of Kosher Salt

Sprinkle of thyme

1 T. cumin


Slice eggplant into discs about 1/8 inch thick

Cut each disc into 4 chip size pieces

Coat evenly with oil using a brush or hands

Mix the salt, pepper, cumin, and thyme in a small bowl

Distribute spices evenly over eggplant

Place on a baking sheet “greased” with a bit more oil (they will stick if you don’t!)

Place in oven

Roast about 15 minutes, checking towards the end

Flip chips

Roast an additional 10 minutes until both sides are browned

Hence the name, these chips smell amazing when they are cooking due to the cumin! Their flavor is midly sweet and the salt and thyme is a great contrast. Beware..these are addicting! I may or may not have ate half an eggplant as a snack;)

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Fragrant Eggplant Chips

  1. Unfortunately I have a history of throwing out veggies, especially greens. This is a great idea for using eggplant!

  2. I could see how these would be addicting!!!!! YUM! Definitely will be making these sweetie!

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