WIAW-WI have been loving…

This is actually my second time writing this post, as I accidently deleted it the first time. Again. I refrained from having a meltdown and summoned inner patience.;)  One of these days I will learn my lesson! Since this week has been filled to the brim with so many amazing eats,  I couldn’t pin down one day to show all of you, and decided to do a WIAW on everything I have been loving lately.

As always, thanks to our hostess, Jenn!



1.) (Breakfast) Crockpot Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Where has this been my entire life?! Cooking steel cut oats in the morning is such a chore, but now I just add one cup oats to 4.5 cups water and let it cook on “low” overnight. It makes the oats incredibly fluffy and creamy- I even asked my sister if she put half and half in them!

2.) Green Smoothies. Let’s be honest, no surprise here. I have one of these every single morning. I take my base recipe (1 frozen banana, spinach, protein, almondmilk, flax seed, fiber, avocado pit piece, and spirulina) and then make it whatever flavor I want from there:)

3.) Overnight Oats. I can’t believe it took me so long to try this! It’s the perfect summer breakfast-cool and creamy yet still hearty and full of fiber.

4.) (Snack 1) Sweet Potato+Nut Butter. Sticking with our theme, sensible snacking, I have been focusing on taking the sugar out of my snacks and aiming for more protein and slow carbs. I absoultely heart this combo!

5.) (Lunch) Adorable “Lunchbox” Lunches and Ginormous Salads. Admit it, it’s adorable:) One side veggies, one side grains and beans, and in the middle protein (wild-caught salmon). And yes, the beets are out of place;) I have also been making huge salads that are so filling using garden produce and leftovers.

6.) (Snack 2) My “DIY Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt”. I make this by microwaving some frozen fruit with a tiny bit of water, mashing, and then stirring in. Sugar out, flavor in!

7.) Simple dinners. I have been craving whole and unprocessed foods lately, and although they seem boring, plates like these have been calling my name all week.

8.) (Dinner) Yes, I was craving simple dinners… until I made these! The most amazing super-healthy Pumpkin Chicken Enchiladas! Read my last post for the recipe:) I think I could have these every single night and never get tired of them.

9.) (Dessert?) My garden! Especially when I use the produce to make incredible pickles like these!

Finally, this week’s product loving!

Trader Joe’s Raw Creamy AB: I found this little gem hiding on the bottom shelf! I love the sweetness of raw nut butters. TJ Eggplant Hummus: This is the hummus that makes me remember why I buy store-bought hummus when making your own is so easy. The ingredients are completely natural and it’s lower in fat and sodium than most brands. I love pairing it with Mini Ezekial Tortillas. Yes, I disregarded anything about value and  bought these because they were mini:)

Hope you have an incredible rest of your week and be sure to check out everyone’s WIAW posts!

Thanks again to Jenn!

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18 thoughts on “WIAW-WI have been loving…

  1. Oooh delicious eats! I want to try crock pot oats. Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s quick cooking steel cut though? It only takes like 10 minutes! 🙂

  2. i must try eggplant hummus. does it have any chickpeas in it at all?

  3. Shut up. Oats … in a crock pot?! That is BRILLIANT. I usually microwave my oats – but nothing compares to actually cooking them. I think I need to try this method!

  4. Love sweet potatoes with nut butter too– such a great combo!!

  5. Pickles for dessert? That’s a first! Did you leave the oven on all night? And they didn’t burn? Hmmm, looks tasty!

    • There’s a first for everything;) I left them in the crockpot on low- nope I think they might have started to burn after 9 hours-8 was perfect.

  6. Happy WIAW! I see we both share a love of oatmeal 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love everything in this post! I just got a crockpot for my bday and can’t wait to try out those oats! Also I just checked out your enchilada recipe and I will make anything pumpkin. In your smoothie recipe, what do you mean by an avocado pit piece? Or is it that obvious that I’m asking a stupid question??

    You also definitely made me want a sweet potato right now!

    • Im with you with the pumpkin- I always keep a can on hand and add it to everything:) I heard that the avocado pit contains tons of nutrients, so I researched it and now I add about a fourth of a pit to all of my green smoothies. You can’t taste it at all- just blend it really well:) thanks for stopping by!

  8. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Interesting combo of sweet potato + nut butter – that’s one I haven’t tried yet. And I love that you’re making pickles – my hubby just tried that for the first time and it was a huge success. He’s been pickling beans while I am gone this week, can’t wait to try them this weekend!

    • Mmm pickled beans sound delicious! I love the pickles- I’m not a huge fan of plain cucumbers but these pickles add amazing flavor to everything!

  9. Eggplant hummus sounds awesome! And I love sweet potato + nut butter combo. Super tasty. I love it with coconut butter as well.

  10. I am obsessed with green smoothies too- pretty much every morning unless I don’t have to work. Really cool about the avocado pit piece (I was snooping your comments in case you’d already explained it to someone else lol). I’m going to try that soon! I love finding ways to reuse scraps!

  11. Those oats look good. I have to whip out the crock pot soon. Great find with the trader Joe’s Almond butter. If you like crunchy nut butter you should try their Crunchy Almond Butter it is my favorite. So good.

  12. Hey, girl! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hummus = LOVE. They are some of the best sammies. Glad to hear you’re a GH fan too!

    Those eats all look delicious…and like they were taken from my camera! Hehe, I love all those foods also. I have to agree with Lisa: eggplant hummus sounds amazing!

  13. Oooh your eats look great! I love TJ’s almond butter 🙂

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