Ultimate Green Smoothie Tutorial

It’s being conservative to say that I’m obsessed with green smoothies. They really are the best way to start the day and no morning of mine is complete without one. I love coming up with new variations of them and I always feel amazing after drinking one! However, it’s taken quite a few morning and plenty of experimenting to avoid having a watery smoothie or one that tastes like spinach. I now start with a base recipe that I have found has the perfect texture and consistency, and from there throw in whatever my little heart desires. Here’s an easy tutorial to make my trustworthy blend that hasn’t let me down once.

Step 1.) In your blender, add 1 frozen banana, chopped in half. This step is essential to the creaminess of the smoothie and gives it the feel of soft serve. Always peel your bananas before freezing; I’ve learned this the hard way!

Step 2.) Add in 1 1/2 cup spinach- Don’t be scared… you honestly can’t taste it!

pic from gimmesomeoven

Step 3.) Pour in 1 cup of almondmilk (or any nut milk), or a 1/2 cup almondmilk and a 1/2 cup water. Use unsweetened to cut out pesky sugars that won’t end up making a flavor difference!

Step 4.) Add in 2 T. flax seeds or flax oil, as well as 1 T. chia seeds.

Step 5.) Throw in your “boosts”. These can be fiber, spirulina powder, protein powder, avocado pit, maca, or even bee pollen!

The base is as easy as that! Now, you can leave it as a simple green smoothie and drink it just as is, or you can take it to whatever flavor from there.

Add a few berries for a Blueberry Banana

Or a bit of dark cocoa powder and almond butter for a Cocoa Almond:

But I highly suggest you make my two favorites- Key Lime Pie and Grasshopper Green!

View my Green Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl pages under “Recipes” for more ideas!

This is literally the best way to get in your greens when you don’t feel like digging in to a huge bowl of leaves!:)

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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Green Smoothie Tutorial

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I went through a big phase with having green monster smoothies too. I wasn’t getting enough greens and having smoothies just seemed so much better so me. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. i LOVE green smoothies! the bigger the better! bring on the green!

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