Artisina Nut Butter Product Review

One of the basic rules of life: You can never have too many nut butters. With my crazy obsession, having 6 jars of different varieties open at a time isn’t uncommon. As you can imagine, when Artisina Nut Butters agreed to send me some of their products to review, I couldn’t refuse. What can I say, everything’s better with butter:) Especially when it’s raw, organic, healthy, and comes in adorable and super convenient packets.

The company generously sent me samples of their Pecan Butter, Macadamia Butter, Cocoa Bliss, Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, Cashew Butter, Almond Butter, and Walnut Butter.

As you know, I’m a cashew fanatic, so I knew right away which one I would be trying first! I went the traditional route and spread the packet over a mini Ezekial tortilla. The butter was incredibly smooth and spread so easily, without having any lumps or grainy pieces like most raw nut butters have. The taste itself was to die for and so fresh, and the cashew flavor really shone through! This tortilla was gone in about 2 seconds.

I decided to try the coconut butter by adding it into my overnight oats the next morning, along with banana and flax seed. I was so happy I tried this out! The coconut butter gave it such a great flavor and made it super creamy.

Next up was the almond butter, which I paired with carrots from my garden to make my favorite combo. I’ve tried countless raw almond butters, but have to say this was one of the best! The flavor was naturally sweet and the packet was the perfect size for built-in portion control.

The lovely walnut butter, which actually has cashews in it too, was used in a greek yogurt parfait. I loved the fresh-ground flavor of this one and the slightly grainy texture was an appreciated crunch.

What’s better than a hemp seed bagel? A bagel with pecan butter of course! Especially when it has homemade blueberry jam spread on top. This butter was everything I expected, and the flavor of the pecan really came through with just the right amount of sweetness.

I made good use of the portable packets by packing the macadamia butter along with Galaxy Granola and Greek yogurt for the road. Since I’m not a huge fan of macadamia nuts or brazil nuts, this one wasn’t my favorite. However, the texture was great and I’m sure any macadamia nut lover would love it!

If you’re a Nutella addict like I unfortunately used to be, then I suggest you go out right now and buy the Cocoa Bliss, which I spread on half a hemp seed bagel along with more pecan butter. It’s not chocolate hazelnut, but rather chocolate coconut, and about a thousand times better…and that’s saying a lot! Plus, it’s free of any icky artificial flavors.

Down to my last sample packet, I was left the coconut oil. I have been hesitant to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon because all of my experiences with coconut oil have been flavorless and disappointing, and I would rather have fat from almonds or some other tasty nut butter. I spread a bit on my Ezekial toast in the morning to make the famous PB/Honey/Coconut Oil toast that my aunt raves about. I was so pleasantly surprised! It added such a nice flavor and really gave me an energy boost. The next morning I put a spin on my usual almond butter/avocado/banana wrap and added in some more of the oil- another great decision!

Overall, my favorites had to be the coconut oil, cashew butter, and the Cocoa Bliss. Unlike many raw nut butters, all the Artisina butters were full of flavor while still packed with nutrition. I loved the variety and texture of all of them, and would definitely buy this product. Some people are addicted to drugs, and others to alcohol. I think my addiction is nut butter, and I’m not complaining;)

This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.

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