OH Bar Product Review

As part of a healthy lifestyle, I try to choose as much whole food as I can over processed food. But on some rare and glorious occasions, the two combine to create delicious products that you can feel good about eating while not having to worry about any sneaky ingredients. Such is the case with OH Bar, a live organic health bar made with raw seeds. About to leave for vacation, I jumped on the chance to try out these bars and knew they would make perfect snacks if I got stuck starving and with only an In N’ Out in sight!

The kind people over at OH Bar sent me both of their flavors, Original and Cacao Goji Berry. The bars are the perfect size to satisfy and come in the cutest packaging!  Being handmade without including gluten, wheat, dairy, or nuts, they are the real deal and exactly what your body wants.

First up was the Original, which I had after a workout. The main thing I noticed about this bar was how natural it tasted! It wasn’t overly sweet yet wasn’t at all bland, and the texture was slightly chewy. Jam packed full of whole seeds, I could tell that it was definitely raw and unprocessed. Despite being on the small side, the bar filled me up and gave me tons of energy!

I brought along the Cacao Goji Berry with me on vacation, and had high hopes for it after trying the Original! This bar is full of high quality and simple ingredients as well, and uses organic cacao over chocolate liquor or flavors. It had the same texture as the first bar and looked very similar, but had a subtle, very light cocoa flavor that worked well with the cinnamon and goji berries. I think it could’ve been a little more chocolatey, but for not using any flavors, it did the job!

See, I couldn’t even wait to take a picture!

Most importantly,  the nutrition! Here’s the label for the Original…

I love, love, love the stats for these bars! This one has 15 grams of healthy fats, is low in sodium and carbohydrates, contains a very good dose of fiber and protein, and (my favorite part) contains just 7 grams of sugar from organic coconut nectar, which is a low-glycemic sweetener! The ingredients are all organic and I love the variety of heart healthy seeds including hemp and pumpkin.

The overall verdict? Definitely a winner! The OH Bar is one of the healthiest energy bars I’ve seen on the market, much different from most sugar and additive packed “health” bars. Plus, the owners are so proud of their company and are so passionate about helping people make healthy choices. Would I choose the OH Bar of I wanted a bar for dessert? Probably not. But the other 99% of the time, it’s the bar I’d choose without a doubt to contribute to a healthy lifestyle!

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6 thoughts on “OH Bar Product Review

  1. Oh these look good! I will definitely keep these in mind when I want to try a new bar. 🙂

  2. Yum, that looks like a great snack to tide you over to the next meal!

    • Yep, they are the perfect size and didn’t leave me too full or wanting more..I hate when bars leave me hungrier than before! By the way, your veggie and chicken pesto sounds incredible!:)

  3. These look great! They could probably be recreated fairly easily too considering the ingredient’s list. I always love that 🙂

    • They are great:) I love that too! I’ve mastered LaraBars and Kind Bars, so now I want to try to recreate a seed bar like this as well as an oat bar like the Gnu or Pro Bars. Making your own is so much fun!

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