Staples to Healthy Eating

While healthy eating can be super easy, it’s nearly impossible when there’s no healthy food in sight, right? That’s why when we go grocery shopping, I make sure to get my basics that will ensure I can build a healthy meal in a minute and won’t be left with hot dogs and oreos:) Buying healthy foods you will actually eat will mak sure you aren’t so tempted to go out, too. Here’s a list of a few of my staples:

1.) Organic Spinach and Kale! I use these two every single day in breakfast lunch and dinner. Nothing beats fresh vegetables!

2.) Sweet Potatoes: The perfect addition to any meal, they are full of nutrients and have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. Lately, I have been making my Sweet Potato Pie Green Smoothie almost every day! Bake them for an hour at 375 or poke holes in them and microwave, flipping once, for 10-15 minutes.

3.) Organic Liquid Egg Whites: I used to go through dozens of eggs cracking them for the whites, which are full of lean protein. Buying egg whites is so much more economical and easy! I pour mine into a bowl and microwave for one minute to form a patty, then add to sandwiches, wraps, and pretty much everything else!

4.) Tempeh: Full of protein and fiber, I  use this soy product when I feel like I’ve had to much dairy or meat, and use it in stir-fries, on the grill, in wraps, and even as taco filling! So delicious.

5.) Bananas and Blueberries: Blueberries make a great addition to cereal, oatmeal, and pancakes, and bananas are essential to the creamiest green smoothies!

6.) Flax seed and almond butter: The healthiest of healthy fats, I may enjoy these a little too frequently;)

7.) Nonfat Greek Yogurt: I couldn’t live without yogurt messes, or yogurt mixed with pumpkin, vanilla, or cocoa and topped with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink! I love Greek yogurt, as it’s thicker and has less sugar.

8.) Last but not least, oats, lentils, and sprouted bread! Oats are definitely a large part of my diet. From overnight oats, granola, and oatmeal to pilaf and protein pancakes, I  use them on a daily basis for their fiber and good carbs. Then there’s lentils, a winner to the close runner-ups of quinoa, brown rice,  and beans. They have a crazy amount of protein and fiber and are amazing in stews and in wraps. Finally, sprouted bread, my go to grain when I don’t have time to boil water and cook actual whole grains. I love topping a slice with hummus, avocado, and lemon juice.

With these foods stocked in the fridge, eating healthy is a breeze, and so much more affordable than going out! Hope that provides some inspiration:)

Until next time!

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15 thoughts on “Staples to Healthy Eating

  1. You have some great recommendations on here!! I love this post! 🙂

  2. Great list! I definitely share some of those staples: greens, bananas, blueberries, flax and almond butter and sweet potato, lentils and tempeh make regular appearances!

  3. I love all of these, except I am obsessed with whole milk greek yogurt. It’s waaay good.

    • Agreed! I love using whole milk greek yogurt in recipes etc- it makes them so creamy! I just try to stick to low fat since I eat a ton of yogurt haha:)

  4. sounds like my grocery list 🙂 but I have yet to try tempeh….any recipe suggestions?

  5. Good list 🙂 With them the choices are endless! I always have to have apples and bananas…maybe almond milk as well…and oats…. hehe.

  6. Great list! Couldn’t agree more with your first pick, I’d be lost without greens in my smoothie for breakfast and kale in my soups for dinner. My favorite is baby bok choy in the breakfast smoothie and homegrown purple kale for dinner!

    • Great suggestion with baby bok choy in smoothies! I need to grow purple kale- it would be perfect for blog pics! Agreed, I couldn’t live without my Mexican Kale Wraps-easiest dinner ever and super healthy! Love your blog-thanks for stopping by:)

  7. Great tips! I keep most of those on stock every week!

  8. Lovely post! 🙂 and I stopped by to tell you I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award 🙂 Love, Leanne

  9. awesome list! I’d also add avocado and coconut oil for some more healthy fats!

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