WIAW: On the Road Again!

Is it odd that my food takes up more room than my luggage? Nah. Not when your on a 3+ day roadtrip, and trying to eat healthy!  Here’s a few of my portable staples that I brought along:

-Bag o’ Bars  -Trail Mix  -Protein Packs   -Fruit   -Seaweed   -Homemade Energy Bars in addition to… almond butter, sweet potatoes, and sprouted bread! Plenty of emergency almond butter sandwiches were made!

Breakfasts have been overnight oats- the perfect thing for when you have to jump in the car at 3 am! We had 3 almost empty nut butter jars (don’t ask how that happened;) ) so it was perfect timing for cool, refreshing oats for a change.

My favorite thing this week? Homemade energy bars! I spent about $6.00 on Whole Food’s Take a Hike bulk trail mix, dried apricots, and a date, then headed home without a single bar in my cart!

Conveinence is key, and as much as I love my salad and Hippie Bowls, neither of them classify as easy to eat! With this in mind, I bought a pack of Ezekiel tortillas and the wrap invasion began. Not that I’m complaining! I’m in love with tempeh, hummus, and veggie filled wraps along with one of my all time favorites-obviously the banana, avocado, and almond butter:)

Dinners have either been on the grill or on the go! I did a quick grill on these balsamic and thyme marinated Portabellas, which turned out incredible. Mental note: eat more mushrooms!

In addition, I’ve been calling an embarrasing amount of Chipolte and Zaba’s bowls dinners. I get the same thing every time: black beans, brown rice, veggies, pico, and an extra big scoop of guacamole. It never disappoints!

Last but definitely not least, dessert! Nothing is more refreshing than this summer salad of watermelon, strawberries, mint, and lime. All of these flavors work so well together and get even better the next day!

Finally, product loving!

pic from hautepinkbham                                                      pic from cindy’skitchen                           pic from Sambazon

Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with beets right now. I’ve been throwing them into salads, sandwiches, and on the grill, and a beet smoothie is on my list for sure! I love these Love Beets- they make beets so conveinent. This concept of easy packaging for beets is longgg overdue! Plus, they have an amazing burst of vinegar flavor. Next up is Cindy’s Kitchen Fat Free Balsamic, which is the perfect mix of sweet and salty. I actually bought fat free by accident, but it is incredible, especially as a marinade! Finally, I caved into buying these Acai Unsweetened Smoothie Packs. At first, I didn’t know if I like the flavor, but I now use half a pack with a bit of added honey in my smoothies and it adds such a boost (flavor and health wise!)

Until next time!

Peas and Crayons


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22 thoughts on “WIAW: On the Road Again!

  1. I love your WIAW posts- so full of ideas and cool products I need to try 😉

  2. Hey!! I got my bread in the mail! Thank you so much! The Fig And Fennel is to die for!! And I am just like you…when I go on driving vacations, my food bag is always bigger than my luggage! haha You definitely packed some awesome eats to take with you! I love the idea of banana avocado and nut butter! I need to try that! Hope you are having a great time!

    • So glad you like it! The fig was without a doubt my favorite flavor-the fennel gave it such a pop:) It’s better to have food and not need it than to need it and not have it! 🙂

      • That’s for sure!! I ALWAYS overpack snacks/food! Especially when you’re eating every 3ish hours!! And you’re right the fennel made it out of this world!

  3. Meg and Lee

    Avocado, banana and almond butter? Interesting. I just might have to try that sometime. Oh and I get the same thing in my chipotle bowl too! Guilty as charged.

  4. I like a girl who packs lots of food. 😉 I base my trips all around food and where I’m stopping for it! All of this food looks AMAZING and delicious.

  5. Smart planning. I love me some chipotle and I love the look of your fruit salad. Wow!

  6. Such fun meals! I love all the color.

    You’ll LOVE beet smoothies. I have a recipe for one on my blog, if you’re interested. They are really great with oranges.

  7. Ahh I’m loving beets too at the moment. I’m not a big vinegar fan but something about beets makes it really good. I love your wrap idea as well!

    • Thank you Anna! I’ve come to the conclusion that beets make everything amazing haha:) Try this wrap- you’ll love it! It sounds weird but is so delicious!

  8. Banana, Avocado and Almond Butter! My first thought was blehhh. Then I started to think about it and now I can’t wait to try it! I would never have thought to combine those flavors. Like never ever! I’m making that wrap soon! I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m sure I’m going to LOVE it:)

    And if you’re loving beets, you would love this Beet Hummus that they make at my work! I don’t know the exact recipe but I’m sure you could create something delicious!

    • I thought it was going to be bad too but I am addicted now! Mmm beet hummus-thanks for the great idea! I want to play around with making dessert hummus so this can be a start:) thanks for visiting!

  9. Banana, avocado, and almond butter?! Sounds interesting to say the least! I might try though 🙂

  10. Emily

    I always get the same thing (identical to what you order) at Chipotle too! You can never go wrong with a veggie burrito bowl. And I’ve discovered that if you order your guacamole on the side you get WAY more! They fill up a whole little container for you. (:
    And banana + almond butter + avocado?? That is genius!

  11. I second the comment above, you’re blowing my mind girl! Also, I had no idea Ezekiel had tortillas! I’m so out of the loop :O

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