Greenie Acai Bowl (Recipe Quickie)

You know those acai bowls? The ones that we whip out $8.00 for without hesitation at health cafes? Well, the last time I ordered one, I was able to watch the process of making it. In went the apple juice…berries…a bit of acai…a banana…and then into a bowl it was poured. Wait, that’s it? What did I miss?  Aren’t you supposed to like, sprinkle some gold in there? The truth is, making acai bowls at home is incredibly easy, healthy (obviously) and a million times more affordable! Plus, I think they taste better in your own kitchen:)

Greenie Acai Bowl


1 banana

1/2 c. frozen berries

1 Sombazon Acai pack

1 cup kale or greens

1 T. flaxseed

1 scoop natural protein powder (optional)

Boosts:(optional) Avocado pit, bee pollen, spirulina


Blend all ingredients together, and top with granola, nuts, coconut, and fresh fruit!

Obviously, this is my new addiction. It’s so filling and easily holds me over until lunch. Go make this- you won’t regret it!:)

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7 thoughts on “Greenie Acai Bowl (Recipe Quickie)

  1. Aunt J

    Can you eat avocado pits?

    • Hi Jenny! Yep apparently they have more nutrients than the avocado. I usually only use about a third and then you have to blend it super well:) hope you guys are all doing well!

      • how does one blend without breaking one’s blender and/or food processor

      • I chop the pit into small pieces (carefully! haha). I also have a Vitamix, which can I swear could grind up nails. If you blend it well enough, you can’t taste it at all:)

      • I was thinking the same thing “avocado pits?” (haha)… I know they contain a lot of nutrients, but I actually never thought one would really be able to eat it 😉 Does is blend up well enough? How does it taste? 🙂

      • Yep, they are full of nutrients! Actually, they taste horrible by themselves haha. But blend a fourth of a third of one in a smoothie and the bananas do their magic, covering up the taste:) I wouldn’t try if you don’t have a strong blender, but if you do they blend up just fine:)

  2. Hi Sunnie, I recently found your blog and I love it!! You have such an engaging writing style, and your recipes and photos all look great:) I recently started my own blog as well; feel free to check it out!

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