Nature’s Hand Granola Product Review!

If you think about it, it’s really odd that granola has such a health halo around it. Truly, it’s the angel junk food.  I mean, look at the average granola label and you’ll find a bit of oats with a huge load of sugar and fat. However, a few granolas are breaking that trend, and Nature’s Hand is one of those. I had heard great things about this brand, so naturally I couldn’t wait to dive in!

The company sent me two of their flavors, French Vanilla Almond and Maple Pecan. When I saw the full clusters and nuts, I instantly knew I’d like it before even opening the bag:)

I started out by using the French Vanilla Almond as a topping on my go-to green smoothie. The first thing I noticed was the taste. Even coated, the vanilla flavor was strong and sweet while it added a much-needed crunch to the smoothie. The best part? I put this smoothie in the fridge, came back in 10 minutes, and the granola still wasn’t soggy! Winner!

Next up was the Maple Pecan, which I sprinkled on my Sweet Potato Pie green smoothie along with chia seeds and goji  berries. It was just as good as it sounds! The granola made it seem like a Thanksgiving dessert and boosted it to amazing.

Then came the invasion of the yogurt messes! I have been enjoying these all week, and I found that when you add this granola, you don’t even need sweetener to your plain yogurt 🙂 First up is Maple Pecan with bananas, blueberries, almond butter, and chia seeds.

Then I got creative- I squeezed half of a lime into my yogurt with a bit of honey and a dash of vanilla, then added the vanilla granola on top to make a key lime pie yogurt bowl. Way better than fro-yo!

Most important, the nutrition info on these two incredible granolas:

I could be picky here. Whole Grain Oats and wheat are the first ingredient, which is a very good sign. Then come the two ingredients I’m not quite as smitten with- sugar and soybean oil. Still, there’s nothing artificial in your bowl and it could be much worse. The rest of the ingredients are quality, like Oat Flour, Pecans, and Sunflower Seeds.  As for the numbers, there is 140 calories, 6 grams of sugar, and 4.5 grams of fat in 1/4 cup. It’s a bit steep in calories for the serving size, but with all the flavor, you really only need that much!

Overall, I loved reviewing Nature’s Hand Granola. I think it is a healthy, delicious alternative to overprocessed artificial brands. My suggestion use it as a topping and you’re all set:)

This review is my sole opinion- I was not compensated.

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4 thoughts on “Nature’s Hand Granola Product Review!

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the granola! I agree that some granola can be VERY heave on the oil and sugar; it all depends on the brand. Personally, I love making homemade granola, especially this recipe:

  2. Oh adding lime to the granola. What a great idea.
    I agree, store bought granola can be pretty bad (or bad for you), which is why I make my own every weekend. It’s super easy and I know exactly what’s in it. This past weekend, I used cherries, cranberries, walnuts (yeah omegas), some pecans and sliced almonds. I used almond extract instead of vanilla, and it is fabulous. My new favorite…until my next batch.

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