Lunch Lady!

If I could change one thing about my school, it would probably be the lunches that are served to most of the kids. Greasy meat patties, all white, refined grains, and a sugary frozen popsicle that counts as “fruit”. But the people who pack their lunch don’t fare much better. One lunch consists of a Poptart and Coke, a second one of a chocolate bar, chips, and a Capri Sun, and yet another of a ham and mayo on white bread. So I decided to put to together a post of healthy and portable lunches I brought along to school this first week for WIAW… Thanks for hosting Jen!:)

On Monday I figured I bring something a little on the “normal” side 🙂 Organic turkey, avocado, cucumber, and tomato on an Ezekiel English Muffin alongside a banana, my current favorite.

I’m back to my “normal” by Tuesday with a Sunshine Veggie Burger, tempeh, and a massage kale/blackbean salad. This was so sustaining and stayed with me the whole school day!

Obviously, I’m in love with tempeh! On Wednesday I had a salad with spinach, beets, sweet potato, tomato, and avo topped with tempeh crutons. I also packed an orange- have to get that summer fruit while it lasts!

On Wednesday night, I made brown rice and bean veggie burgers, and had them with guac, salad, and the last of my Navita’s Naturals Trail Mix. Obviously I’m not lacking in the fats department:)

Finally, broiled tofu, spinach, tomato, hummus, and black bean mash on Brown Rice Bread with a Cashew Cookie Larabar- my favorite! I love using black bean mash as a filling-it’s full of fiber and adds so much volume.

No WIAW is complete without Product Loving, so here’s this week’s lineup 🙂

Davidson Meyer Lemon Tea- I love that you don’t have to add lemon OR honey to this tea! With just over 3 g of sugar, it’s the perfect thing for my sweet tooth.

High Country Kombucha “Wild Root”- Obviously, this doesn’t taste exactly like root beer (it only has 8g sugar). But the combo of organic herbs they use gets pretty close!

Go Raw Mini Bars-Not just because they’re adorable! These are delicious, raw, and the perfect size for throwing in my backpack:)

…and our cosmetic lovin’:

Yes to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser: I love that this product leaves my skin soft, unlike harsh products. I have sensitive skin, and I’ll never forget the day I woke up on a school day looking like a lobster after trying out Proactive…that was fun.

One last thing tidbit before we go- a surprising health fact I stumbled across: Kaleand collards are the only food with a perfect ANDI score. Well that’s a good thing, considering it loves my garden:

 Have a great week!


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16 thoughts on “Lunch Lady!

  1. Oooh black bean mash? That sounds good. I might have to give that a go! When I was at school I was one of those people with like the worst lunches ever. I cleaned up my act though eventually. But I do have sudden random cravings for turkey twizzlers (probably never seen a turkey in its life).
    I keep hearing about this Kombucha – is it good?

  2. Looks good. I’m back to school as well, so packed lunches are a part of my daily life as well and I’m determined to make it a healthy and positive thing 😉

  3. Wow, all your lunches look SO much better than the sugary, overly-salted, chemical-laden food that some school cafeterias serve!! Since I was homeschooled my whole life, I always had the luxury of being able to prepare my own lunches at home whenever I wanted to–but you seem to be doing a fantastic job of bringing your own creative and healthy lunches to school:) Those Go Raw bars look delicious; I have never tried those (or Larabars) before…But I have made my own homemade energy bars using dates, nuts, cocoa powder, and cinnamon–they are definitely cheaper than Larabars!!

    • I love making my own bars! Your version sounds fantastic- gotta love cinnamon:) Agreed, so much cheaper! These mini bars are only 99 cents at my grocery store, so I always buy a few to keep on hand. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your lunches look great. Filling, flavorful and satisfying.
    In my professional life, I find it hard to be surrounded by people who buy junk food (pizza, greasy French fries, egg mcmuffins, etc) day in and day out. These are all adults facing some serious health issues and on all kinds of medications to treat them, yet they never seem to change the actual cause of the problem: the food. Basically, they should know better.
    So it amazes me how you handle a similar scenario but with kids who don’t really know better and whose options truly are limited. I suppose these same folks turn into the adults I work with. You are very impressive and I’m sure a role model for your peers. Good for you!!!

    • Thank you so much for all the nice words Meghan! Your comments always make my day:) I try to be a good role model and always bring a healthy lunch- no matter how many “Ew…what in the world is that?” comments I get haha. Eventually, people even start to want to try things, and that is so rewarding!

  5. Have you seen or heard the “lunch lady land” song by Adam Sandler? That’s totally what I thought of when I read the title for this post, haha.

    Also, great ideas for lunch! I haven’t had to pack my lunch in a couple years, but the way my schedule is this quarter, I’m going to have to buy (ick) or pack a lunch (yippee), because I don’t have enough time to go back to my apartment in between classes.

  6. I love all those meals! The go raw bars are awesome! I like all the lunch ideas and props to you for making the effort to pack your lunch! I can’t believe they actually consider poptarts a lunch! Pure sugar at it’s best!

    • Couldn’t gree more! I don’t even consider PopTarts a food, yet there’s a PopTart food group for most people at my school haha! Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. Mini-bars are my favorite! They are the perfect size when you just need a little something to hold you over! I love the variety of your lunches as well, way to show all those other kids that HEALTHY lunches are possible 🙂

  8. hi sunnie! thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I’m so glad you found me because i’m loving your blog and all your photos! The wild root kombucha sounds SO good. I need to go look for that for sureee.

  9. Your lunches look delicious! I totally get the whole “what are you eating?!?!?!” thing because I’m always bringing food completely out of the norm for highschoolers (No, vending machine pop tarts and gummy worms do not a healthful lunch make). Therefore I try to bring ‘pretty’ food to school so they can see that there is real food out there that is still a rainbow haha! And I love the Yes To brand, I use the cucumber conditioner and its my favorite!

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