WIAW- Best of the Best

Since we were off school for the holiday, I nearly missed  WIAW   because all day I swore it was Tuesday! Blonde moment, I suppose. So I rallied and put together this week’s jumble of health food photos:) Thanks to Jenn, as usual! WIAW makes my day:)

Starting of with an invasion of breakfast kale wraps! Although my kale is beginning to die, I just planted a ton of beets, winter squash, and parsnips- looking forward to much more produce! This one is filled with garlic hummus, avocado, Bragg’s, and egg whites.

I know what your thinking….disgusting, right? Don’t judge it ’til you try it! Once you steam the kale, it loses most of it’s bitterness, so the sweet flavors of this Almond Butter/Banana Kale Wrap shine through. Recipe is coming soon, if you can’t guess it already 😉

One word. Gnu. Since I was writing a review (read previous post!), these amazing bars have invaded my AM snackage. My favorite? Peanut Butter or the Banana Walnut!

The same old, same old for lunches…quinoa, salad, tempeh, etc. However, I did do something new, and stirred a bit of curry sauce and garam masala into my quinoa for Curried Quinoa…yum!

Am I the only one who likes eating salad out of giant bowls? Perhaps. It’s the only way I can really coat it in my new favorite Tahini Balsamic dressing! 🙂

No WIAW is complete without a yogurt mess, which have been making up my PM snacking. However, I have switched to organic yogurt completely after stumbling across one of those animal videos- seriously sad 😦

On a lighter note, the highlight of this week’s dinners was the result of splurging on Whole Food’s king salmon- just as good as it sounds! I made three marinades: Bragg’s and Garlic, Light Teriyaki, and Paprika. As usual, my favorite was Bragg’s! Although high in sodium, that stuff is like gold to me;)

A close second is my Whole Food’s salad (of course!) I made sure to include Vegan Channa Masala, jicama, buffalo tofu, hummus, sesame broccili, and beets. Here’s a trick- when you can, only get the specialty salad toppings like what I just listed, then bring your salad home and use the produce and standard veggies you have as your base. Definitely cuts the price when you aren’t weighed down by tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.!

Desserts? Mostly fruit, and then this combo came along …papaya with Greek yogurt! Loving this:)

…and we can’t forget my homemade low sugar Goji granola with a side of Pre-calc 😉 Recipe coming soon! Now if only it would do my homework for me too…sigh.

This week’s best products?

Siggis–  Low sugar, high protein, super thick…need I see more?

WildWood Veggie Burgers- One of the best I have tried next to Sunshine Burger’s- review coming soon:)

Follow Your Heart Balsamic Vinegar- The perfect blend of sweet and salty, with the tang of balsamic. Love!

Last but not least, this is what I have been loving most out of this week’s cosmetics:

Physician’s Formula SPF 50 make-up. I love that you don’t have to wear sunscreen and makeup…plus there is no greasy feel!

Off to homework…and sadly it’s not studying you WIAW posts;)

Have a great rest of your week!


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16 thoughts on “WIAW- Best of the Best

  1. All your meals look fabulous!! I love using Braggs as well–it may be high in sodium, but it is naturally-derived sodium, not highly processed table salt:) And I know what you mean about those animal videos; I have watched a few of them, and they are definitely upsetting. But I think it is very important for people to know exactly where their food is coming from! Those WildWood veggie burgers look delicious, and I am looking forward to the review. Your kale looks delicious–have you ever made kale chips? They are SO good, and quite addictive:P

    • That’s true- and it’s full of amino acids! I second you on the importance of knowing where food comes from…have you ever heard of that movie Food Inc.? It’s sad but really makes you more aware and tells how important buying organic meat when you can is. I’ve made kale chips a few times, but can’t seem to get the oil/kale ratio right! If you have a recipe, I’d love to know:) Thanks for visiting and happy WIAW!

  2. I recently started buying mostly organic dairy as well! I feel like that is an important product to splurge on the organic version. You are definitely not the only one who eats out of massive salad bowls! Once I was making a salad for myself and my roommate asked if I was mixing a salad up to last me through the week. Nope, only for 1 meal 🙂

    • Haha! Glad to know I’m not a salad-bowl loner;) Couldn’t agree with you more- I don’t buy some of the big peel (bananas, etc) produce organic so that I can splurge on clean dairy/meat. That’s working quite well!

  3. I love all your eats! And I eat my salads out of a GIGANTIC bowl too! It makes it a thousand times easier to mix! The boyfriend always thinks I am making enough for leftovers….nope! That’s just one portion for this girl! 🙂

  4. almond butter, banana, and KALE?! So so weird, but I love all those thing! Must try.

  5. I’m with you on the organic dairy! I do too. I’d still like to believe if we’d all do so we could seriously change the way we treat animals and our planet! Oh and huge salads… yup me too 😉 😉 XO

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! So happy to meet you. 🙂

    I have got to try out that Siggi’s, I’ve had my eye on it but never pick it up to take home! I love that it’s lower in sugar. Great eats! I eat my salads in huge bowls too 🙂

  7. Papaya with greek yogurt? Looks like the perfect ending to a delicious meal 🙂

    Happy WIAW!

  8. Mmm I like the sound of your kale wraps! And giant salad bowls is where it’s at. I always get laughed at at the office for my monster salads for lunch, but they’re great because you can fill them up with everything and anything.

  9. love love gnu bars! I haven’t tried a flavor I haven’t liked yet.

  10. I love big salads too. The bigger, the better, and I went off dairy entirely after reading about it. I’ve since added it back, in the form of cheese, although the Hubby still eats it, but I only buy organic dairy products for him now.

    • With plenty of dressing, too:) I eat dairy in the form of yogurt, which I can’t seem to give up haha. I just buy from organic farms now like Stonyfield and Wallaby- they have more flavor, anyways! Thanks for visiting:)

  11. I just stalked your blog for like half an hour haha, I love it! What kind of greek yogurt do you get? I don’t eat dairy often but I would love to find a good, environmentally-conscientious brand!

    • I just did the same to yours haha- I can’t wait to make the low-cal Guac and your Carrot Cake Oatmeal sounds incredible! My all-time favorite yogurt is Siggi’s- especially the Orange Ginger! But it’s very pricey, so I usually go with Wallaby and Chobani. I’m actually on the lookout for a low-sugar organic thick yogurt-let me know if you find anything! Thanks for visiting:)

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