banana chai

Initially, this was a total smoothie flop. I added way to much nutmeg to the first batch, and nearly had to have the hymlyck. With the next try came a relentless bitterness- I added parsley (I hate raw parsley, and shouldve know better) and left out a sweetener. All in all, it was just a recipe for disaster…literally:)

But they say the third time is a charm, and after drinking this smoothie this morning, I have to agree! Warm notes of chai compliment the sweet banana and spicy cinnamon perfectly, while the almondmilk tones it down. Plus it’s packed full of greens and healthy fats. Sounds good to me!


1frozen banana

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 cup chai tea brewed overnight

1 tsp honey

Handful greens

1T flax

Almondmilk to taste

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11 thoughts on “banana chai

  1. I hate when recipes flop, but it always makes me determined to keep trying until I nail it.

  2. mmm sounds delicious!! I know what you mean about too much spice, I’ve made oatmeal that turned my tongue numb before haha!

  3. That looks delicious and simple! I am not sure if I have chai tea or nutmeg at the moment, but when I get some, I definitely want to try this recipe out:) And I agree that too much spice can make food taste nasty–even though I LOVE using a lot of spices in my recipes!

    • I love using boatloads of spices in all my savory recipes, but in smoothies…still getting used to them. Besides, the chai has a delicate flavor and too much covers it up. I am working on getting the blackberry cobbler smoothie recipe up:)

  4. Ahhh Chai. I only discovered chai spices a couple of years ago but I have been hooked ever since! There is something so cozy about the aroma. I could definitely see myself bundled up in blankets in the winter, but still sipping this smoothie 🙂

  5. Good perseverance! The best recipes always turn up after lots of trial and error. I usually give up due to lack of patience hehe. Sounds really warming and lovely. I love chai tea.

    • Thanks Anna! I have a bad habit of giving up when my recipes don’t turn out because I hate wasting food, but this combo sounded too amazing to just throw away the idea:) I’m working a perfecting a blackberry cobbler smoothie at the moment- I’ll let you know when I post it:)

  6. Reblogged this on Eatmoveachieve's Blog and commented:
    MMMmmm, my next smoothie. At the moment I am in LOVE with variations of Avocado smoothies but this sounds so yum!

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