Swanson Health Product Review!

It’s pretty hard to get Kaia Kale Chips, a mud mask, and Tulsi Tea all in the same place. It’s nearly impossible to get all of them at the same place and with super discount prices. And it’s unheard of to get them all at the same place, with incredible prices, and without even leaving your house! That is, unless you go to Swanson Vitamins! Swanson is the Walmart of healthy foods, with nearly every health food product, cosmetic item,  or supplement you can think of. When I checked out their website, I just knew I wanted to do a product review for the amazing company.

Right away, I was contacted back and offered a $25 value to spend on their site. Obviously, that was like Christmas for me, and after spending an insane amount of time  a little while deciding on what I wanted, I checked out with the following items: Kaia Foods Kale Chips, Clearly Natural Green Apple Soap, Tulsi Licorice Spice Tea, Mega Greens Barley Grass Juice Powder, an Auromere Herbomineral Rejuvenating Mad Bath and Mask, and  SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Vanilla Creme.

The checkout process couldn’t be easier, and you don’t even have to have an account. Within days, the loot arrived at my house, which I was pretty excited about!:)

I have been dying to try these Kaia Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips for as long as I remember. However, their $5.99 price tag has kept me from throwing them in the basket since the first time I saw them. At Swanson, I couldn’t believe they were less than $4.90! I swear I read the description 5 times to make sure it wasn’t a travel size or mini!


Simply put, I loved them! They are sesame seed and kale based with a soft texture and addicting salty taste. Plus, they are raw and vegan! They were perfect alone, with dinners, and crumbled as a salad topper. These might just become a dangerous addiction;)

I brought out the Sweet Drops next, which I made Vanilla Almond Butter first.


If you are trying to cut back on added sugar in your diet (Even if it’s organic, sugar is sugar!), then these are the perfect thing to help you out! They are incredibly stong, and two drops in a dish does it. Even at this rate, I’m sure the bottle will be gone in a while:) The drops have a rich flavor and blend perfectly into almond butter or yogurt, as shown below.

(With the last of a Justin’s PB cup 🙂 )

One of my favorite items from my order was without a doubt the Mega Greens Barley Grass Juice Powder.


I always love blending green powders into my already green smoothies to give them a supercharge. I couldn’t taste this one at all, even with a heaping teaspoon in my delicate flavored Tropical or Key Lime Green Smoothie. If anything, it was subtly sweet! I’ve had plenty of green powder samples turn amazing smoothies into smoothie flops, so I was so relieved to finally find one that’s just the opposite!

Then came the Clearly Natural Green Apple Soap…


I loved it because it smelled like a fresh Granny Smith…

and my body loved it because had this label:

No artificial ingredients, no SLS, hypo allergenic, biodegradable the list goes on forever! That’s a win win for me.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I ordered the Auromere Herbomineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath and Mask. Honestly, I had spent $24.20, and searched for items below 80 cents, not expecting to find anything. But, with Swanson, a huge list pops up, and I instantly picked up this high quality product.


It’s messy. It’s odd. But it works! My face felt so clean and my pores definitely look a bit smaller. For this product, that price is a steal!

Whereas I used to satisfy cravings with Twizzler after Twizzler (always Black Licorice!), I now love to have a cup of “dessert tea”, and therefore have a collection of more teas than any person could possibly need, but was still excited to add a Tulsi Tea to my stash.

Maybe I was just expecting a stronger licorice taste, but I wasn’t too in love with this flavor. I did, however, love its real and organic ingredients, and if you like the flavor of mild licorice, you will love this tea!

So what did I think of Swanson Vitamins overall? If you couldn’t already tell, I loved it! You simply can’t beat their prices, and I love the care that they take in packaging and shipping their products. Especially for staples like chia and flax seed, I highly recommend their site. A huge thank you to Swanson- now I have an excuse to buy even more health food products!;)

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6 thoughts on “Swanson Health Product Review!

  1. ooh i love the vanilla creme stevia! I’ll have to try mixing it into almond butter, it sounds awesome!

  2. How cool! I have never heard of Swanson before 🙂 Thanks for the tip…

  3. Wow that was a good deal! I hate licorice, but I love tulsi tea! The green powder sounds great too!

  4. I have never heard of Swanson Vitamins–what a great deal they offered you!! Those kale chips look delicious; I love making my own kale chips at home, but sometimes they can be tricky to cook evenly…Those sweet drops look interesting as well, and I would SO enjoy using soap that isn’t loaded with chemicals. Especially soap that smells delicious:)

    • I have yet to master kale chips! At least to make them somewhat as good as the ones you can buy, anyways:) I love the sweet drops, and have been putting them in everything from oatmeal to smoothies. Yes, I love amazing smelling soaps like those at Bath and Body Works, but there always loaded with chemicals! I love that this one is both natural and smells good- now they need to make a Warm Vanilla Sugar;)

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