WIAW: Restaurant Edition!

Hopefully from my title, you can tell that this  What I Ate Wednesday is revolving around restaurants! More specifically, restaurants that we stopped at while I was in Del Mar last weekend for a competition on the best pony in the world<3 I had such a blast, especially with sunsets like these every day!

But what my title doesn’t mention is that all these pics were taken with my phone…so bear with me:)

First up is the Mediterranean Cafe, which is nestled in the Carlsbad Village. I have a weakness for good Mediterranean food and may or may not consider hummus as a food group, so obviously I was quite excited:)

The staff was very friendly and all the dishes looked so fresh! On the side of the restaurant, there was a cute little bazaar that sold what sounded like amazing tea!

I decided to go with the Roasted Vegetable plate and added chicken, not expecting them to give me full kebabs! Yum! It came with pita, salad a sort of curried rice, and my favorite part, hummus. I loved everything, and the yogurt dressing  that came with the chicken was especially delicious!

For lunch the next day, we headed to Ki’s, which is in Cardiff by the Sea with an amazing ocean view. I knew I was going to love it from the start when I walked in to find this:

Organic Ketchup? Agave?? Bragg’s?! Yes please 🙂

Everything sounded amazing, especially the millet burger, but I decided on Stir Fry Vegetables (light on sauce to cut sodium) with salad instead of cornbread and tempeh. This was incredible, and easily the best tempeh I have had.

Ready for the gorgeous pic? Or not…  I was able to haphazardly capture this photo just as my phone was dying. Bad timing:( In reality, this dish was gorgeous and way better than the picture makes it look:)

Finally, we headed to Tabu later for dinner, a sushi house in Del Mar. Obviously, I ordered a seaweed salad…which was presented beautifully and seasoned perfectly. For the main, I opted white rice free and got a sashimi plate with salmon, yellowtail, and tuna, while my mom ordered the Crunchy Roll. The salmon was amazing, but the other fish was just all right.

The garlic edamame, however, were incredible! I loved the sauce, but I’m sure it had a days worth of sodium so mostly I just ate the soybeans:) Amazing!

When we weren’t stopping, I packed lunches- hummus, avocado, tofu sandwich and a Zaba’s bowl to go, with a huge pile of guac. I definitely have no shortage on healthy fats!

Back at home, I made this Blackberry Cobbler Green Smoothie again, this time with Perfect Fit Protein…review coming next week!:)

And I can’t forget product loving…

Tazo Iced Passion Tea, Chocolate Orgain, and Tribe Zesty Spice and Garlic Hummus.

I had to throw this in there! Whole Foods was sampling out these TINY Clif Mojo Bars…literally smaller than my palm, and so adorable!

I have a huge recipe post coming up, so come back soon! Happy WIAW:)

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15 thoughts on “WIAW: Restaurant Edition!

  1. SO my 1st comment didnt go through, so I guess Im going to re-do it lol
    I clicked on your blog for 2 reasons
    1. your hair is gorgeous
    2. I love horses
    Does that make me a bad foodie? 😉

  2. I may or may not share your belief that hummus is it’s own food group… yuuumm! Looks like you had an awesome weekend. Even though you took the pics with your phone, I’m still drooling over how yummy they look haha.

  3. That is a lovely picture of you and your horse–you both look gorgeous:) I love Mediterranean food as well–hummus, pita bread, tzatziki, stuffed grape leaves, olives, and many other delicious dishes! That garlic edamame looks fantastic; I love eating edamame sprinkled with a little salt and a lot of nutritional yeast–cheezy, salty, and delicious. I am definitely looking forward to your “huge recipe post,” especially since your recipes always look so appetizing! My pictures never seem to turn out as well as yours do (probably since I always use my phone); I guess I don’t exactly have a future as a food photographer:D

    • Edamame+Nutritional yeast is such a good idea! Can’t wait to try that:) Thank you! I’m lucky to have a nice camera! I have so many recipes to catch up on that it’s about time I do a combo recipe post!:) Thanks for visiting!

  4. That picture of you is beautiful Sunnie! And I have to admit, although all the food looks delicious, YOUR homemade food looks the best!!! Yummy yummy!!!! 😉

  5. LOVE the huge dollop of guac on that salad. YUM!

  6. Yowza,everything looks so good, camera phone and all. Sometimes its nice to out to eat especially when you find a place with agave and organic ketchup. Thats awesome.

  7. That Tazo tea is my favorite! So refreshing when iced 🙂

    Happy WIAW…

  8. You are gorgeous hunnie! So glad you had such a wonderful weekend too ❤

  9. The sunset photos are beautiful!

  10. I am so impressed with how healthy your travel food is! I am a total sucker for anything mini so I totally agree with you about the adorably factor of that Clif Mojo bar.

    P.S. If you are ever in the Del Mar area again, I HIGHLY suggest Claire’s on Cedros. Its in Solana Beach, but totally worth it! One of my closest friends mom owns the place (Claire) and the menu is a foodie’s heaven!

    • Thank you so much! I’m always on the lookout for new places in Del Mar! I will definitely have to stop by:) I love when restaurants are a foodie’s heaven- it makes it such a treat and I would gladly give them business!:)

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