ANDI Scores and Blackberry Cobbler (Smoothie!)

Okay, so its not a blackberry cobbler recipe. Darn. But pairing ANDI Scores and cobbler in the same post somehow seems wrong:) My solution? This blackberry cobbler green smoothie! The vanilla takes an average berry smoothie to a new level and makes it taste more like a pie- exactly how I like my smoothies. The green comes in the form of leafy greens like kale, which I have been eating by the pound after reading it’s ANDI score: a perfect 1,000! The ANDI rates foods on a scale from 1 to 1,000 and states what foods are highest in micronutrients.

Kale 1,000
Collards 1,000
Bok Choy 824
Spinach 739
Brussels Sprouts 672
Arugula 559
Cabbage 481
Romaine 389
Broccoli 376
Carrots 336
Cauliflower 295
Green Pepper 258
Artichoke 244
Asparagus 234
Strawberries 212
Juice 193
Tomato 190
Mushrooms 135
Blueberries 130
Orange 109
Lentils 104
Kidney Beans 100
Sweet Potato 83
Sunflower Seeds 78
Apple 72
Green Peas 70
Cherries 68
Flaxseeds 65
Sesame Seeds 65
Pineapple 64
Edamame 58
Oatmeal 53
Mango 51
Cucumber 50
Onion 50
Green Peas
(canned) 49
Pistachio Nuts 48
Corn 44
Salmon 39
Sprouted Grain Bread 39
Almonds 38
Shrimp 38
Tofu 37
Avocado 37
Skim Milk 36
Haddock 35
Walnuts 34
Grapes 31
White Potato 31
Banana 30
Ground Beef 29
Chicken Breast 27
Egg 27
Peanut Butter 26
Bread 25
Low-Fat Yogurt 24
Feta Cheese 21
Whole Milk 20
White Pasta 18
White Bread 18
Apple Juice 16
Swiss Cheese 15
Potato Chips 11
Cheese 11
Fresh Coconut 10
Vanilla Ice Cream 9
Olive Oil 9
Graham Crackers 8
French Fries 7
Cola 1

Here’s a complete list:

Now if you feel like getting a bunch of spinach and kale in but would rather eating a cobbler than forage through a garden, go make this smoothie. 🙂

Blackberry Cobbler Green Smoothie


1/3 c. blackberries

1 frozen banana

1 sc. vanilla protein powder

1 T. flaxseed

1 1/2 c. almondmilk or milk

1 tsp. vanilla extract or a few Stevia drops

1 large handful leafy greens (If you’re new to green smoothies, use spinach!)

Desired boosts-spirulina powder, avocado pit, bee pollen, etc.


Blend. Then go clean your blender;)

And another green smoothie joins the list. Right now, I’m working on Green Tea and Orange Creamsicle Green Smoothies. I’ve almost mastered the Green Tea one, which is delicious, but the Orange smoothie is still working on getting its “creamsicle” part. Any other smoothie ideas?

Let me know whether you love this smoothie or you love this smoothie 🙂 Hope you all have an amazing Friday!


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13 thoughts on “ANDI Scores and Blackberry Cobbler (Smoothie!)

  1. Thanks for sharing that list Sunnie! It’s a great reference and good info!! And the smoothie looks delicious! 🙂

  2. Ann W

    I had to look this up, I didn’t know what and ANDI was. I still haven’t read all of your posts, so I am being schooled by a 17 year old. I went a little further, and found that watercress has the same ANDI as Kale and collard greens. 1000. I would much rather eat watercress (in sandwiches or not) and I am thinking about how to order it, or grow it. I still haven’t got the moxie to try a green drink. I’ve bought green stuff twice. Maybe this weekend. Watercress soup, anyone?

    • If the watercress soup turns out good, let me know! I haven’t had much watercress, but that score is so impressive that I can’t wait to start incorporating it more! Start out by adding spinach to your smoothies- you can’t taste it at all, especially if you throw in a frozen banana! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. That is an awesome list; thanks for sharing!! Hmmmm….what a coincidence that all the top-rated foods are plant-based:D I guess it just goes to show that the most nutritious foods truly ARE the ones straight (or almost straight) from nature! And that smoothie looks SO delicious–if only I had blackberries at home. Perhaps I will try it with raspberries instead…

    • I bet raspberries would work out great! Especially with a little chocolate powder:) Agreed- I have been eating plant based lately (not quite vegan-still love my yogurt!) but definitely cutting down on meat and adding more veggies, and I am loving it!

  4. So I guess my kale addiction isn’t so bad then 😉 haha

    • Any vegetable addction is always a good thing!:) My garden is still growing kale, so I can get a tiny bit sickof it as much as I eat it! But kale chips? That’s a whole other story:)

  5. This looks great! Thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 I love finding teen bloggers too! A friend of mine and I started a group on facebook for teenage baking bloggers- it would be great if you joined us!

  6. I need to suggest this to my dining hall.. They make these things called “sips” which are basically just green smoothies. 🙂

  7. wholeisticallyfit

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of ANDI before – I’m definitely going to have to check that out! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. How fortuitous. I just got Kale in my CSA and was thinking about finding a smoothie recipe. Going to the store to puck up blackberries now!

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