My Perfect Protein Powder: Perfect Fit Protein Review!

Do you look like this? Chances are, probably not. However, while you may not need to drink 60 grams of protein at once like a professional body builder, the right amount of clean, quality protein is essential to your health!

A protein powder can be your best friend…or your worst enemy. It can be brimming with clean energy and aminos, or it can be stuffed full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or dyes. It can give you strength or refuel you after a workout, or it can make you more sluggish than a sloth. There are millions of different types, and shopping for protein powder can leave you in a whirlwind of strange ingredients and questions. So, what do I look for in a protein powder?

1.) Clean ingredients 2.) Raw 3.) Between 15-20 grams protein per serving 4.) Less than 5 g. sugar 5.) good taste

You wouldn’t believe how fast those million protein powders turn into just a few! One of the survivors? Perfect Fit Protein, a raw, vegan, organic protein made from sprouted brown rice and lightly sweetened with Stevia. intrigued, I researched this company more and they generously sent me 4 packets.

I couldn’t wait to try them, and so I whipped up a Blackberry Cobbler green smoothie (now in my recipes!) The first thing I noticed about this protein, naturally, was it’s amazing taste! It’s tastes clean, not full of strange fillers, but also manages to add tones of vanilla that boost any smoothie. The second thing I noticed was how well it blended. There were no mysterious or chalky lumps- it’s called a smoothie for a reason!!

Getting creative, I used the next two packets to mix into various meals, including Crockpot Oats! I loved I could add a protein boost while keeping out the sugar!

…and OIAJ (oats in a jar), of course. My sister nearly threw away this almond butter jar, which still had a tablespoon lingering. That’s a crime in this house! Again, I added about a third of the packet, and it mixed perfectly and complimented the almond butter. I plan to make vanilla almond butter using this protein in the future!

After trying mixing a packet with almondmilk to test it plain, I found that the powder mixed easily and didn’t have too many lumps, but also though that this mix was incredibly sweet. If you are sensitive to the taste of Stevia like I am, I suggest making a real shake with a good ratio of powder to fruit in here.

Last but not least, overnight oats, topped with yogurt, blueberries, and a big dollop of homemade almond butter. This combo was a close second to the Blackberry Cobbler smoothie, and that’s saying a lot! You can bet there’s already a batch waiting in the fridge…which may or may not survive to tomorrow morning!

To be honest, I have become a bit of a nutrition snob, with the vast amount f health food that surrounds me in the blogging world! However, this protein’s nutrition info could satisfy even the highest of standards!

Where has this been all my life?!

This protein definitely lives up to the “perfect” in its name! Thanks again to Perfect Fit for letting me try it out!

For more info, go to:

This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.

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7 thoughts on “My Perfect Protein Powder: Perfect Fit Protein Review!

  1. WOW!! Those definitely are some awesome nutrition stats!! And your food looks soooo yummy! I don’t think I should be looking at blogs before breakfast! 😉

    • Haha! I always do my blog reading with breakfast- reading them before- especially yours!- makes me starving:)

      • That’s EXACTLY how I was feeling this morning!! I was looking at your food and my head and stomach started screaming!!! But then again, they usually do start feeling hungry, whether it’s time to eat or not, when I’m looking at your food!! I:)

  2. Perfect Fit is awesome!
    I did a review a pair of months ago as well and wish i still had a packet left:)

  3. Perfect Fit might be wonderful, too bad I can’t try it yet… I just got myself a whey protein to try (I can’t handle lactose well, so we’ll see how it goes ;-)) I usually have rice protein. I love the taste of rice protein 🙂

  4. Mary B.

    I have been dying to try this protein powder! Does it make your oatmeal thicker? Also, do you know how it compares to Sun Warrior?

    • I didn’t notice a major difference in thickness, but it did add plenty of sweetness! I used about 1-2 big spoonfuls (almost half a packet). Compared to SunWarrior taste wise, I think this one was definitely sweeter, while Sun Warrior maybe had a bit more flavor. Even though they are close, I prefer the taste of Perfect Fit:) Thanks for visiting Mary and hope this helps!

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