My New Addiction (Rhythm Kale Chips Review!)

Humans have conquered amazing feats. We have walked on the moon. We have built enormous skyscrapers. And now, we have taken a bitter leafy green and turned it into a magical crisp that’s better than any oily potato chip out there. For some reason, I have not been able to master making kale chips yet. I seem to either incinerate them to a dust or cook them too little end up with soggy kale. Although I have always been curious about packaged kale chips, I never end up putting them in the cart when I remember the awful taste of my charcoal kale “chips” So when Rhythm Superfoods offered me the chance to review their amazing product, I immediately agreed, figuring it was definitely time to jump on the kale chip wagon!

The nice company sent me over Zesty Nacho and Kool Ranch, which I opened right after snapping this picture.

The first to undergo my wrath was the Kool Ranch, which I had heard amazing things about. Without a doubt, they lived up to my expectations. Somehow, by combining tahini, onion powder, spices, vinegar, and a few other ingredients, Rhythm was able to get a flavor very close to ranch. Genius! I realized I had a small obsession with these when I was eating the crumbs out of the bottom with a spoon;)

Next in line was the Zesty Nacho. “Zesty” is an understatement to describe these chips! More like flavor explosion! These have heat that’s accompanied by warm flavors to balance them out, and are incredibly crispy. Definitely a winner!

I then got creative and added a kale chip to my warm sweet potato and garden kale salad with tahini dressing. It gave the salad some much-needed crunch, but of course got a bit soggy when it was covered in dressing. The flavor was still amazing though!

I love that the best part of these is after you finish them. In the very bottom of the bag, there is a ton of crumbs, which I used to sprinkle over everything!

From lunch salads…

to tofu steaks…

They lent a tangy flavor to anything!

Most importantly, the nutrition info! You know a company that covers kale in dressing with the highest quality ingredients, heats the leaves at low temperatures to keep them raw and full of enzymes, and then makes them available to the public is going to care about their stats. Here are the ingredients for the Kool Ranch:

and the label:

If you ate the entire bag, you would have eaten 380 mg of sodium, which is a bit high, but acceptable for veggie chips. The fat is from tahini, so it’s healthy, and they are relatively low carb for chips. There is a bit of sugar in them from the evaporated cane juice, which is, well, sugar. But here’s where they get really impressive. Half the bag has 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Winner!

So they only taste sinful. Can I love these anymore? Yes! I just saw the Bombay Curry and Texas BBQ:) I swear I’m going to end up on that show “My Strange Addiction” with a house full of bags of these. Either that or Hoarders!

If you want to buy a bag of veggie goodness, visit:

Thank you so much for letting me review your amazing product! Rhythm Kale Chips are without a doubt a keeper.

I’m definitely going to go find the Bombay Curry and Taxas BBQ!

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10 thoughts on “My New Addiction (Rhythm Kale Chips Review!)

  1. Those ranch flavored kale chips sound fantastic!! I don’t think I’d be able to put the bag down haha

  2. Those chips sound delicious!! I am sure they are much better than my homemade ones:P I love that ingredient list as well–no artificial flavors or preservatives on there:)

  3. I really want to try those too!
    Everyone In blogland seems to be crazy about kale while i only tried it once and it wasn’t too tasty. I think those would make me change my mind 😀

    • I used to not like kale much until I started growing it- now I pick it when it’s young and it’s so much sweeter!:) I think even an all-vegetable hater would love these!

  4. Ooooh these looks so good! Lazy girl’s kale chips. Awesome. 🙂

  5. I’ve had these kale chips before and they are great; they pack a real flavor punch! Every time I try to make kale chips, I incinerate them too.

  6. I’ve seen these before at WF but never bought them! I get a little lazy about making my own kale chips so good to know there is a back up option!

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