Sweet Leaf Tea Product Review!

A basket of fried chicken. Cornbread, mashed potatoes, gravy, and okra. And a huge glass of sweet tea to finish it off. As you can see, sweet tea isn’t exactly grouped into the healthy category, but still is a staple for about half of America! So, if you’re going to drink sweet tea often, you might as well put a bit of thought into the ingredients that go into it. So when Sweet Leaf, a company that uses simple and organic or all natural ingredients, sent me 3 bottles of their tea to review, I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

The company, who started out brewing their tea in pillowcases in a small space, has grown to become one of the biggest natural tea manufacturers in the country! They sent me Original, Raspberry, and Unsweetened Lemon Lime.

Since I love a good, pure tea, I started off by popping the cap of Unsweetened Lemon Lime. This tea is very refreshing! It has subtle citrus notes and a crisp taste, and is especially good when it’s really cold. It actually could have used a bit more flavor, so I squeezed in  some lemon juice- perfection!

Another bonus is the adorable caps, which are like fortunes minus the unhealthy fortune cookie!:)

Next up was the Original, which I poured into my baby pitcher:) Flavor-wise, this tea was my favorite of all three. It’s flavor had plenty of depth and it definitely put the “sweet” in Sweet Tea!

For the Raspberry, I decided to have my sister do a taste-test, Raspberry vs. Original, and she happily obliged. She noted that the raspberry was light and flavorful, but not too overly sweet, and also loved the Original. Overall, she found her favorite to be the Raspberry.

A splash of tea was also incredible in my Banana Tea Smoothie. Recipe coming soon!

…and of course, we can’t leave out the nutrition! Basically, I am thrilled with the nutrition, apart from one factor. Bet you saw this one coming- the sugar. While the Unsweetened Tea is sugar-free, the other two flavors have 32 and 36 grams per bottle. So of course, as an everyday healthy drink, I would not recommend this tea. But for every so often, special occasions, or dessert, I definitely would due to it’s amazing flavor and high-quality ingredients! Here’s the ingredients for the Original:

Another suggestion would be to dilute half a bottle with a bit of water or plain black tea, which also cuts down sugar a bit.
Overall, I love the taste of this tea. I may have never been to the deep south, but I bet there would be a whole lot of this sweet tea happening!
Thank you to Sweet Leaf Tea for sending me over samples!
This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.
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4 thoughts on “Sweet Leaf Tea Product Review!

  1. Man, it’s freezing today and I know I should drink hot tea, but this post is making me want a giant glass of iced sweet tea!

  2. This looks like an amazing new product!

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