My New Favorite Granola is Grain-Free! (Paleonola Review)

No matter how hard you try to count them all, there are innumerable diets and ways of eating in the world today. From paleo peeps to pescatarian promoters, every group has formed its own opinion on the best way of eating to achieve what everyone’s goal is: health. Although I don’t follow one diet completely, I do love knowing about all the research and opinions out there. You all know I’m far from Paleo, as I love quinoa and have a weakness for beans and granola. However, I do try to eat mostly whole grains over wheat flours and find “eating like our ancestors (or cavemen, whichever you prefer)” quite fascinating. So when Paleonola agreed to send me a few bags, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

They generously sent over Apple Pie and Original, which were full nearly to the brim. There’s nothing worse than a bag filled only a quarter of the way!

I broke into the Original first, and used it as a topping for my raspberry lemonade “soft serve” smoothie, which was this recipe: with a few little changes.  (Thanks for the idea Veggie Dancer!)

I couldn’t believe there were no grains in this granola! It was flavorful, hearty, and filling, plus super crunchy! I fell in love right away.

Naturally, I opened the second bag for dessert:) Stirring the Apple Pie into cinnamon Greek yogurt was perfection. Of course, this flavor was to die for on its own, and definitely more coconutty than the original. As expected, I proclaimed it my favorite!

Excuse my paleo contradiction, but I just had to make the Original part of my Blueberry Power Parfait!

…and I’m so glad I did! This combo was just as amazing as it looks.

Following that, I proceeded to pretty much top everything off with a handful of this incredible goodness. From yogurt bowls…

to Goji Berry “Green” Smoothies….

…to chia puddings.

You know whats next- nutrition info!

Here’s the stats on the Original:

Okay, don’t smirk at the amount of fat in this granola:)  Why? Remember that this granola has no grains whatsoever, and is thus made up of simply nuts, seeds, etc. The fat is healthy and comes from almonds, pecans, and other nuts and the superfood seeds like pumpkin and flax. The saturated fat is most likely all from the coconut oil, and it has a meager 1 gram of sodium and less than 7 grams of sugar, with a good amount of protein. Obviously, the ingredients are clean and whole right down to the pure vanilla extract, and you don’t have to worry about any sneaky preservatives.

All in all, Paleonola is…my new favorite granola. I feel amazing after eating it, and love that it’s charged with superfood! The only con I have to state is that the price is a bit high, so refrain from eating the whole bag in one day:)Want to get some for yourself? Visit here:

You won’t regret it! I know what I’m asking for when Christmas comes around;)

This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.

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15 thoughts on “My New Favorite Granola is Grain-Free! (Paleonola Review)

  1. Oh my gosh!!! that granola in cinnamon yogurt sounds DELISH!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      It was amazing! I’m a fan of anything cinnamon or anything coconut, so this granola was right up my alley! Thanks for the comment- they always make my day:)

  2. Where do you get all these products to review??!! I NEED this granola ASAP!!! I love love love the nutrition on it!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you SO much for the compliment; I am very glad you enjoyed the smoothie:) Seeing that made my not-so-great day much better–strange as that sounds:P I am always happy if I can somehow manage to provide culinary inspiration. And that granola sounds fantastic!! The ingredient list is impressive, and I love all the different flavors. Oh, and your pictures are lovely, as usual!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Thank you times a million for the amazing recipe! Oddly enough, we had just bought a huge bag of lemons and also frozen raspberries (which we never really get). It was obviously meant to be;) Plus it is a perfect pairing for this granola! Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love that ingredient list!! There are so many sugar-laden granolas out there, but this one looks like such a healthier option.

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Even the healthiest options are full of sugar! That’s why I wanted to share this granola with all of you! It’s heavenly:)

  5. Wow that ingredient list is pretty good! Looks realyl tasty. I bet they’d taste good sprinkled on top of whole-wheat muffins just before baking. I don’t follow paleo but it seems like an interesting diet/wayof eating. Not sure I could give up oats though!!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Either could I! I definitely have to have oatmeal in my life:) It’s amazing how much this granola tastes like a regular granola- but better!

  6. Stats on this look great! And, I love adding granola to smoothies…so good! I am going to have to find some of this 🙂

  7. Wow it looks and sounds pretty impressive.

  8. Wow, it looks and sounds pretty impressive.

  9. Awesome ideas! I always come home from work starving and love an easy, healthy dinner!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Thanks! I always keep these ideas in my head and never leave the store without a spaghetti sqaush. They are so cheap, so healthy, and huge!

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