Finding a Loyal Oil! (Sadaf Oil Product Review)

One of the most confusing aspects of nutrition for me is easily the comparison of fats. There’s polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated, each supposed to be eaten ideally in a certain ratio. Anyway you put it, it’s more difficult to understand than my Chemistry textbook! After doing more reasearch, I found that the basic thing you need to know is that mono and polyunsaturated= good fat, and saturated= bad fat, and you can follow that rule for almost all scenarios. One of the healthiest oils out there is Grapeseed Oil, and has been proven to help everything from high blood pressure to arthritis to wrinkles- sounds good to me!

When Sadaf generously offered to send me over their Pure Grapeseed Oil to try out, I couldn’t wait to see how it stood up to my beloved olive oil, or EVOO, as Rachel Ray would say!

I opened up the box to find this giant bottle of quality oil! The first thing I noticed was that this oil is straight from Italy- definitely the real deal!

That night, I happened to be making my Spaghetti Squash Pasta, so I happily amped up my tomato sauce with a capful. The oil lent a nice rich flavor, and definitely helped out the texture! I immediately was a fan.

Next up was mozzarella, tomato, balsamic, and whole wheat paninis alongside organic salad. Just as amazing as it sounds!

I also used them in plenty of “Hippie tupperwares” for lunch;)  Quinoa, beans, kale, avo, and veggies with this oil is my idea of heaven.

I then continued to pour it on everything from Curried Tofu Salad…

…to salmon and quinoa risotto.

Surprisingly, this worked well in my Raw Almondtella batch #2 when I was running low on coconut oil! It’s neutral yet light flavor was a great compliment to the nuttiness.

Here’s your nutrition info!

Like sunflower seeds, this oil is high is both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Obviously, with an oil of this quality there’s no need to stuff in any icky fillers or preservatives!

Overall, I loved this oil and definitely had a blast reviewing it. I used to think that all oils tasted the same. Now, I know better, and list Sadaf Pure Grapeseed as one of my favorites!

Thank you to Sadaf for sending over your amazing product!

This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated

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5 thoughts on “Finding a Loyal Oil! (Sadaf Oil Product Review)

  1. Natasha

    Great review!!!!
    The only “oils” i’ve ever tried are coconut and olive, but I’m definitely interesting in trying some other kinds as well!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Thank you! I used to think all oils tasted the same, but you can actually taste the difference! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never used grape seed oil before. Thanks for the review. Also, all of your eats look so tasty and healthy!

    • moderngirlnutrition

      Thanks Em! I hadn’t tried it either but love it! Especially plain over salad- yum! Thanks for visiting:)

  3. I’m a huge fan of EVOO, but may have to check out grape seed oil. I’ve found a lot of oils aren’t actually true to their name. For examples, some olive oils list mixed oils in their ingredients when it should just be olives. Did you notice the ingredients for this one? I’d be curious to see.

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