On the Bandwagon! (Taste Nirvana Coconut Water Review)

As a health food blogger, there are some things I am just supposed to like. An unwritten rule requires majority of food bloggers to enjoy oats, coconut water, almond butter, and whole wheat 😉 While I adhere to most of those, I simply have never been a person to like coconut water with the exception of a few brands like C2O. However, it’s one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, so I’m always open to trying out new brands that I might fall in love with.

When Taste Nirvana offered me the opportunity to try their coconut waters, I immediately said yes, as I have been meaning to try this quality brand for as long as I can remember!

They generously sent over Real Coco Aloe, Real Coconut Water, and CocoMotion. Notice the open can- yes, I was very excited!:)

First up, besides a few cheat sips of the CocoMotion, was the Real Coco Aloe, which I decided to try first mostly out of curiosity. While aloe juice has a bit of a funky taste normally, this product tasted just like coconut water, but a little sweeter! In addition, it didn’t have an aftertaste like most coconut waters do. The aloe part steps in in the form of pieces of aloe vera fiber, which really didn’t bother me at all. If you’re a no-pulp person, however, you might have a different opinion!

Next in line was the coconut water, which I first tasted plain and straight from the bottle. I was a huge fan! It is light, refreshing, and extra amazing chilled! Then I got creative and added it to my Tropical Green Smoothie. I didn’t expect to taste much, however, it added a subtle coconut flavor and lightness. Perfection!

Chocolate coconut oats became another vessel for this coconut water. Rather than cooking with it, I added it to my almondmilk and then stirred the mixture into the oats along with cocoa powder and Stevia drops once they were done cooking. I loved this combo! When isn’t chocolate coconut amazing?

Finally, I did a formal tasting of the CocoMotion, which is essentially a healthy energy drink. The only sweetener it contains is coconut nectar, which adds up to 22 g for the enormous can! Compared to Red Bull and Monster, those stats are amazing! It also has a ton of potassium, as well as a bit of sea salt. I enjoyed it pre-run…

…and took it in a bottle when I took my dog for a run. Or rather, when my dog took me for a run! He was not pleased that I didn’t let him taste test the coconut water as well;)

As for nutrition, this coconut water is one of the healthiest I’ve seen, with nothing but coconut water. Here are the stats for the Coco Aloe, in case you’re curious:

I love that they list stats for the whole bottle! Because really, when does anyone drink half a bottle?:) Clean ingredients? Check. Potassium? Check. Lower sugar? Check. Fiber? Check! Obviously, I’m in love.

Thanks again to Taste Nirvana for letting me try out your amazing products!


*This review is my sole opinion. I was not compensated.*

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5 thoughts on “On the Bandwagon! (Taste Nirvana Coconut Water Review)

  1. I lovee this brands coconut water, but I haven’t tried any of their other products. That aloe drink sounds awesome!

  2. I actually just bought a can of this, but haven’t opened it yet. I’m excited now!

  3. i give this coconut water to my baby, 11 months old and he loves it. It is soo good, however, is it possible that every single can tastes the same…..Have you done any research on the company? Do you know how they manage to get this consistent…And if it has any added sugar, we are in trouble!

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