WIAW- From the Garden

Out of our entire front and backyard, out of all the trees and bushes, and rocks, out of all the hundreds of millions of possible places, my dog chose to bury his bone under the ONLY beet that successfully sprouted in my garden. Gotta love him;) So that’s when I knew it was time to get serious about my garden that I began to neglect once school started. I watered, gave my kale some TLC, planted some seeds and actually read the directions, and trimmed my broccoli. Wala! Now, my garden is revived and I’m getting tons of veggies from it, which you will see coming up in this WIAW post. Thank you to Jenn for hosting WIAW!

But first, some pony pictures…

Love this boy!

Back to the food, breakfasts have been variations of one blissful thing- green smoothies! From Caramel Apple (recipe coming soon)…

to Chocolate Gingerbread…

I’ve been loving fall flavors!

Siggi’s amazing yogurt had also been a huge part of this week’s eats, because when you have a deal like this, how can you restrain from loading the entire shelf into your cart?:) Buying 8 yogurts, I saved over 7 dollars!

Clean and simple is the theme of this week’s lunches, featuring a ton of salads. My favorites? The garbanzo bean/garden kale/ beet/ hummus/ avocado shake up and Trader Joes Super Spinach Salad (with 1/2 the dressing and cranberries to cut that sugar). This salad is convenient, filling, and healthy, so I highly recommend it!

Another fall fave- apples. Specifically, organic apples. More specifically, Ambrosia Organic Apples. Perfection!

With homework, I have been making dinners that I can prep ahead of time, including my beloved Spaghetti Squash Pasta (with broccoli, kale, and basil from the garden!) and Vegan Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta. I posted this recipe a few days ago, and honestly, it gets better every time:)

Product loving has a sweet theme this week!


1.) Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate 2.) Kind Dark Chocolate, Nuts, and Sea Salt

3.)TJ’s European Style Organic Plain Nonfat Yogurt

I know plenty of people who aren’t fond of that yogurt, but I happen to love it! It’s neither super thick or creamy, but has the best tartness.

…and cosmetic loving- I picked up a sample of Jane Carter Solution Moisture Shampoo, and I am definitely going to try to pick up a whole bottle! This shampoo is gentle, but easily gets rid of grease.

That’s all for WIAW this week! Thanks for reading and have an amazing Wednesday!

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34 thoughts on “WIAW- From the Garden

  1. That Trader Joe’s salad is my absolute FAVORITE!

  2. chocolate gingerbread? my gosh girl, share this recipe!!

  3. I love when I can get a deal like that on yogurt! Everything looks delicious!

  4. Yum. That kale salad looks delicious. And I can’t wait for those smoothie recipes. They sound awesome.

  5. You know my addiction to Siggi’s!! I am sooo jealous of that deal!!! And chocolate gingerbread sounds amazing….you know we are waiting for a recipe! 😉

    • I’m starting to have a addiction to Siggi’s too! Orange Ginger? 9 g sugar? 14g protein? Heaven! I made the smoothie again this morning, and I think I finally perfected the recipe:) I’ll get it up asap:) Happy WIAW Sarah!

  6. I squealed a little at the horse pics. Too cute. I wish I picked up that salad you talked about. I was just at Trader Joe’s too! ah well. next time. Happy WIAW

  7. What a lovely horse! Mm that salad sounds good. I’m really into chickpeas at the moment so this is right up my street!

  8. Yes, please post that apple caramel smoothie recipe SOON!

  9. Caramel Apple and Chocolate Gingerbread smoothies?! Sounds so delicious! Looking fowrad to the recipes!

  10. YUM! Everything tastes better when it’s fresh!

  11. Siggis Yogurt + peanut butter swirled in = epic breakfast.

  12. Chocolate gingerbread smoothie sounds amazing!!! Everything looks great in fact! Siggi’s yogurts are my favorite kind of yogurt!

  13. Oh my gosh, that spinach salad sounds amazing!! I’m going to go look for your vegan lasagna recipe now… 😉

  14. Aw that picture with you and the horse is so super cute!

  15. Everything looks great, and it’s awesome your garden is producing veggies again. I love the dark chocolate bar (I get that brand all the time) and I just had my very first Kind bar today. Very impressive.

  16. I love it when I find yoghurt for so cheap! I buy so much of it I should always get a discount I think, haha. And those smoothies look amazing! I will have to try them when the recipes go up. I’ve developed a recent love for somoothies! 🙂

  17. Those smoothies sound just delicious!! And I’m a little jealous that you have a garden, I’ve never been able to keep one going!! (we tried planter boxes but my puppies destroyed them haha). Your horse is adorable! Oh my goodness 🙂

    • Thanks Lacey! My dog hadn’t been too bad about it until recently- know he “helps me harvest”. Aka, eat everything;) I will just have to put up a net around it haha

  18. Caramel apple smoothie! Can’t wait to find out what is in it 🙂

    Happy WIAW…

  19. D’awww is that your horse?! The chocolate gingerbread smoothie sounds amaaazing.

  20. I’m loving the vegan lasagne!!

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