Healthy Bites Restaurant Review

In L.A. last weekend for a horse competition, I made sure to bring plenty of nuts and hummus avocado sandwiches with me for healthy lunches and snacks. But dinner was a different story. Starving and searching for a dinner spot at nearly  early 8 o clock one night, we were just about to go to either the tiny  streetside Teriyaki Bowl Stand or the El Pollo Loco when, like a blessing from above, the bright sign of Healthy Bites Mediterranean Grill caught my eye. How lucky was that?!

I loved this restaurant from the very first moment, when I asked one of the girls who worked there if they had wheat tortillas, and she responded, “Yep, that’s actually all we have!” Normally it’s an act of Congress to order wheat bread over white! The inside of the restaurant was adorable with vivid colors, and very clean.

Although their salads looked incredible, I had to go with the Hummus Avocado wrap, since that is honestly the best combination since PB & J.

My mom decided on the Baba Ganoush, which came in a pita bowl, and was amazingly creamy and perfectly smoky.

Alongside, she ordered lentil soup. I honestly must have eaten most of it, though! I loved the how hearty it was, and the soup was perfectly salted overall.

My hummus wrap was also pretty good. I have to say I wished I’d ordered a salad, because of the lack of avocado. Their hummus, however, was divine! It came with veggie chips, but it was already pretty full by then.

In addition, they had awesome drinks like Purity Teas…

and Chocolate Coconut water!

Overall, I loved Healthy Bites, and wish they had one back at home! The other bonus was that every menu item was so cheap! We bought all of this as well as sarma (grapeleaves) for under 25$, and the giant lentil soup is only $3.50!

Here’s their website if you are ever in the area:)

Have a great rest of your week!

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5 thoughts on “Healthy Bites Restaurant Review

  1. That place sounds awesome! Why does LA have to have all the good restaurants?

    • Haha I know I am quite jealous! I thought I was lucky to have 3 health cafes here- once you get into the heart of LA they are everywhere! Thanks for visiting!:)

  2. Any place that serves hummus sounds like a win to me! And so inexpensive? Double-Win!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love food finds like this. We have a couple in our area and they are staples for me now.
    P.S. I went to Chipolte last week and got the bowl instead of the burrito…making smarter choices one day at a time.

    • That’s awesome to hear! I love their bowls and (as long as I get plenty of guac) dont even miss the tortilla:) Thanks for all the nice comments- they always make my day!

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