WIAW- A Full Day!

Fall is in full swing!

…and although I’m excited for Halloween, I realy can’t wait for Thanksgiving! Family, yams, and turkey> candy and scary people! 😉 This Halloween WIAW, I decided to feature a full days eats, rather than recent eats. As usual, thanks to Jenn!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Breakfast- 5:45- Crockpot Oats with fig, banana, almondbutter, PB, and chia seeds. So good!

Snack- 9 ish- apple+ plenty of unpictured pumpkin seeds!

Lunch- 11:30- Salad of garden kale, zucchini, 1/2 avocado, and chickpeas over tempeh with leftover (amazing!) carrot miso dressing from a TJ’s salad

Snack- 2:30- Blueberry Lemonade “Green” Smoothie w/ protein powder (recipe to come!)

Dinner- 6:30- Rainbow plate of yam, salmon, garden broccoli, squash, and beans, which I promptly covered with my favorite Goddess Dressing


Dessert- 7:30- Homemade blueberry/plain yogurt popsicle

This week has been full of amazing eats other than the above, too! When we went to Greens & Proteins, I was about to order my salmon, sweet potato, kale plate that I get every single time, but decided I really needed to get out of that food rut, since they have so many other fantastic choices. I ordered the “Raw Nachos”, and was a bit worried that it would be to strange (I know, even for me!), but I loved them! The pumpkin seed pate tasted like chili, and it was served above flax crackers. I’ve also been loving Chia Porridge and Cranberry Granola! I will post the granola up as soon as my math homework stops taking up my every minute:)

Last but not least, product loving! For food products, I have:

1.) Cedar’s Roasted Eggplant Hummus– Just like a lighter Baba Ghannuj, and so healthy!

2.) Melissa’s Lentils– I love these lentils for those times when I am about to eat my arm and don’t have the patience to cook a pot of them!

3.) PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful– My mom brought this home, and although it is not the healthiest PB out there sugar wise, it is heavenly!

That’s it for now! Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween, filled with healthy treats like these:

pics from babble and parent map

How cute are those?!


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29 thoughts on “WIAW- A Full Day!

  1. kimathungryhealthygirl

    I’m so ready for Thanksgiving too! Those raw nachos sound very interesting and very yummy. Love those sweet potato pumpkin slices….so cute!

  2. kimathungryhealthygirl

    I’m ready for Thanksgiving too! Those raw nachos look very interesting and very yummy. Love the sweet potato pumpkin slices…so cute!

  3. That salad looks amazing, especially with the carrot-miso dressing. Your blueberry-lemonade smoothie looks delicious as well! I had some raw nachos at a food festival over the summer, and they were AMAZING! I will definitely have to try to recreate them someday…That roasted eggplant hummus looks fantastic; I love both baba ganoush and hummus, so I am sure I would love this product:)

  4. That last pumpkin picture is seriously too cute. Also, that peanut butter is literally crack. I’m not allowed to buy it anymore because I eat the whole jar in like a day (I’m only exaggerating slightly). Seriously so. good. Happy WIAW! oh and halloween!

  5. Which Goddess dressing do you use? Do you make your own? I’m always looking for new creative salad dressing ideas!

  6. You sure wake up early! I once had to wake up at 6am and thought it was Crazy with capital C, but to be awake even before that..
    Anyway, everything seems delicious as always, now i really want eggplant hummus, figs and raw nachos!

  7. Yummm your salad sounds filling and delicious! I love chickpeas in my salad!

  8. Mmmm, all of your eats look delicious! PB & Co Peanut butters are so good! I haven’t tried the white chocolate one yet though.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  9. Your lunch looks delicious! And I love salmon, I really should make it myself!

  10. Wow, you had great eats! I like that you added figs to your oats– love that combo!

  11. Now I really want to try raw nachos! I recently had raw enchiladas at a restaurant near my house and they were so good and came with a side of “rawfried” beans that tasted exactly like beans but were made out of seeds and nuts. Crazy!

  12. I love that you added figs to your oats – if they weren’t so espensive I would do that too! I love figs! Also loving the smoothies here on your blog- will definitely be making some 🙂

  13. I totally agree: Thanksgiving trumps Halloween. The food is just better. And so is the company! No goblins in sight 😀

    That white chocolate nut butter does sound heavenly. I love all of the PB Company’s different names. Wonderful indeed!

  14. Oh pb & co white chocolate pb is so good! I haven’t bought any in the longest time.. and now you’ve made me realize that I need it back in my life 🙂

  15. Crockpot oats?! That sounds/looks heavenly! How do you make em?

    • They are super easy! All you have to do is put 1 cup steel cut oats and 4.5 cups water in a crockpot, then set on low overnight, 7-8 hrs. They are so creamy!

  16. Roasted eggplant hummus!? I need that in my life!! Your food looks so yummy. I couldn’t have breakfast so early I think though. Otherwise I’d have to have lunch at 10am I think hehe.

    • My school has lunch at 10:45, so I have to eat early or else I can’t eat lunch- its quite annoying haha. And that eggplant hummus? So amazing!Thanks for visiting!

  17. Your day of eats looks great especially that salad and all those yummy veggies for dinner. Good luck with the math homework; hope it hot better.

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