Power to the Orange Smoothie!

Power to the Orange, indeed! Our second smoothie on MGN’s Healthy Smoothie Week may the complete opposite of the rich and chocolately Chocolate Raspberry, but is just as amazing both nutrition and flavorwise!

With bright flavors that hide the superfoods packed in, this Carrot Orange smoothie is the perfect start to your day. It’s silkiness (thank God for bananas!) goes perfectly with crunchy toppings like shaved almonds, walnuts, and chia seeds. Overall, this smoothie is one pumped up glass of OJ that I am happy to make over and over and over again!

Power to the Orange


1 orange, peeled and cut roughly

1/2 frozen banana

1 cup grated carrot- or just roughly chop a small carrot like I did 😉

1.5 cups almondmilk

1 T. flaxseed

1 T. maca (if you have it)

2 cups spinach

Boosts! (protein powder, bee pollen, green powder)- optional


Blend! Then go wash the blender;) I always seem to procrastinate with that task for as long as I can!

So why isn’t this smoothie green? Well, it was- after I added my 2 cups of spinach and blended it again! I figured you might want a change in color once in a while, and that background was too pretty not to use. 🙂

Let me know what you think about this one! I just got a ginormous, extremely generous package of samples in the mail, so keep your eye out for a review in the next week or so!

Let this smoothie make your Tuesday a little brighter. Have an amazing day!

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2 thoughts on “Power to the Orange Smoothie!

  1. looks delish! i’ve never actually put an orange in a smoothie before 😛

  2. Looks tasty! I’ve never put orange in a smoothie but I have a couple hanging out in the fridge that need to be eaten soon, I think this might be the way to do it!

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