WIAW- Power Foods!

Happy Day-After-Election! I’m taking a break from my smoothie week for WIAW , thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Well, only halfway taking a break, because I have to feature this healthy and decadent dessert smoothie again! I’ve made this many times this week, and I think it gets better every time:)

I’ve also been loving power breakfast combos, A.K.A. breakfasts that can keep me full until lunch, since I hate being starving in class! LemonBerry Protein Smoothie and Maple Pumpkin Oats do the trick…

…and this is a new pairing that I can’t believe it took me this long to find! Adding a bit of sweet potato makes oatmeal naturally sweet, no sugar needed! Don’t knock it until you try it:)

For lunches this week, I made a big batch of these “Tempeh Fingers”. I originally made them for Halloween, but loved them so much that I made another batch, this time minus the “fingernails” 😉 Much more appetizing haha.

Here is a curry chicken salad sandwich on a OneBun, made with organic chicken and Greek yogurt, from my grandma. After cutting wayy back on meat, I loved this light and flavorful combo.

The highlight? A Kale salad with sunflower dressing. If that isn’t enough veggies, I don’t know what is!

I have been loving organic yogurt bowls, especially “Pumpkin Pie”, which I top with bananas and cashews and freeze for 20 minutes-

We went out for sushi at Kabuki this week and ordered these amazing rolls. Kabuki is by far my favorite sushi place, and I love that they offer brown rice and so many healthy options!

Here is a simple dessert idea- Berries and “Cream”. For the cream, I mixed a half cup Greek Yogurt with vanilla, a few Stevia drops, and a bit of protein powder. Perfection!

Finally, product loving!

I got a huge package in the mail from my beloved (and so generous!!!) Go Raw, and I have loved every single thing I have tried! Review coming soon:)

I have also been loving…

This Amy’s Chocolate cake is so heavenly! Not the best sugar wise, but it is so flavorful and rich. In addition, here’s Yogi’s DeTox Tea, which I am in love with! It also is great for after you eat cake 😉

That’s all for now – I’m off to go check out other blogger’s WIAWs over on Peas and Crayons- I’m always blown away by everyone’s beautiful pictures! And there’s also that homework:)

Have a great Wednesday!

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23 thoughts on “WIAW- Power Foods!

  1. YUM! I bet your food keeps you so energized!!! Happy WIAW!

  2. oh dude that’s an awesome idea for the cream in berries&cream! Also, I love sweet potatoes so I will so not knock that 😛

  3. Totally looking forward to trying sweet potato in my oatmeal. I like to consider myself a sweet potato lover and am happy to use it in new and improved ways 🙂

    Happy WIAW!!!

  4. Your food looks so good! Especially the kale salad! Mine never seems to come out looking so pretty.

  5. All of your smoothies have looked fantastic so far; I can’t wait to make some of them:) And I agree that sweet potato tastes amazing in oatmeal; it is a great natural sweetener! Wow, you got a ton of samples from Go Raw–I am looking forward to the review.

  6. the sweet potato in oatmeal sounds great! I always like some pumpkin; I bet it’s just as awesome and fall-themed.

    the protein powder in greek yogurt is such a good idea. even thicker yogurt so it’s like dessert.

  7. Yum, sweet potato and oats! Would have never thought of that but definitely trying it now 🙂

  8. When I was in Switzerland, our family friend made me a bowl of raspberries and cream. It was delicious, but literally raspberries floating around in cream! I like this version, and think it might be a wee bit healthier… 😉

    • That sounds amazing- Swiss cream is probably fantastic! Greek yogurt is the perfect thing for healthy substitutions:) Thanks for visiting- I just read your blog and love it!

  9. So many amazing thing. First off, I totally agree on sweet potato in oatmeal.. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Second off, I’ve been OBSESSED with tempeh lately. Like, I’ve had it nearly every dinner for a week and a half? And last, that sushi looks AMAZING. I went out with my roommates for sushi the other week and it was so good. 🙂

    • Isn’t tempeh the best?! It took me forever to find it, but now every time I go to Whole Foods I make sure to stock up:) And I can’t believe it took me this long to try out sweet potato oats! I’ve always done pumpkin, but this combo may even be better:) Thanks for the compliments Chelsea!

  10. Hooray for power foods! I hate being hungry an hour after I eat, so those breakfasts look amazing. Sweet potato in oatmeal is a big favorite of mine. In the summer when the BOY mans the grill, I have him make an extra for me at night for breakfast or lunch the next day. I could eat sweet potatoes at eveyr meal! That GO RAW package looks great. I love those carrot cookies and I have a package of the lemon ones in my desk at work. Looking forward to reading your review…

    • Thanks so much! I live off of leftovers during the entire week, so I always do that exact same thing:) Except making large batches of sweet potatoes is a dangerous thing for me- I swear the fridge eats them all;) Thanks for the comment!

  11. Sweet potato in oatmeal-genius! I can’t wait to try it!

  12. I love the giant kale salad, it’s definitely my favorite veggie! I actually almost bought those Go Raw carrot cake cookies today so I’m excited for your review of all their products.

    • Those are some of my favorites! Well to be honest, I’ve said that for every new product I try of theirs as I’m doing this review;) Everything is just so amazing- and healthy! I love kale too- especially for kale wraps:) Thanks for visiting!

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