Go Raw Product Review (and a Giveaway!)


I could have easily fit in the box that the Go Raw company sent me their samples in! I was absolutely blown away by their generosity, and couldn’t wait to try all of the amazing products they sent over for review- it was a food blogger’s dream!

Christmas came early! If you are not familiar with Go Raw, they are an amazing company that keeps all of their food alive, raw, and full of enzymes. Located in California, they are able to say that they source the best and sprout with care! The products they sent over had no added sugar whatsoever, with the exception of their chocolate, which even then had only raw agave nectar:)

Being the granola fanatic that I am, I had to break into their Original Granola first, which I used to top off green smoothie softserve. Since they are made from dried buckwheat groats, I have to say I was a little skeptical of how taste aspect would be. However, it was amazing and far surpassed my expectations!  I love the sweetness of the granola, even though it had no added sugar. It did have quite a high number of carbs, however, so it’s best to stick to the serving size:)

Next up was their Spirulina Bar, which I’ve tried before and loved. It’s definitely my favorite bar of theirs, with its crunchy texture and sweet banana taste.

They were so generous and sent me four other large bars! In order of preference, the bars for me would be: Live Granola Bar, Banana Bread Flax Bar, Live Pumpkin Bar, and the Apricot Bar. The banana bread bar was perfectly sweet, but the Live Granola Bar really won me over. I ate them as snacks throughout the week, and they were so sustaining! Definitely could be used as meal replacements.

…and they sent me these adorable minis! These are perfect for taking to school, and are great when you want something light for a snack. The average stats for these minis are: Calories: around 70, Carbs: around 7, and sugars: around 4.

One of the highlights of the whole box for me was their raw chocolate. I was expecting something hard, maybe a bit bitter, but these perfectly portioned squares are fudgey and super rich. Even though they are little, I’ve never reached for a second because they are so decadent and satisfying.

After I sampled the sweets, it was time to start reviewing the savory. I started with the Spicy Flax Crackers first, and they were so addicting! I tried them straight from the bag, packed a big snack/mini lunch of a sweet potato and a handful of these (I know, weird combo), and also used them to top off countless salads.

I thought they couldn’t get better. Until I opened the pizza bag. These were dangerously addicting:) They were a little high in the salt department with over 200 mg of sodium, so were definitely the thing to squash a salt craving!

…and then the cookies came out. I started with the Original, which have a super simple ingredient list made of coconut, sesame seeds, and dates. I wish I could combine those 3 ingredients and make cookies from them;) They were very sweet and perfectly sized- definitely a perfect 100-calorie chemical pack replacement!

They sent me so many cookies that I had to get creative with trying them! I topped off a carrot cake green smoothie with the Carrot Cake cookies, and my Pecan Pie green smoothie included the Masala Chai flavor.

A small dessert consisted of the lemon flavor, and a pumpkin yogurt bowl included the ginger cookies.

My favorite of all? Definitely the Ginger! I loved the subtle kick with the sweet dates.

I also snacked on these Spirulina Chips throughout the week- which were essentially the bar in chip form. Since I loved the bar, it’s no question that these went pretty fast!

Yes, they sent me even more! One of my favorite products? Their sprouted pumpkin seeds! They were salty, without a high sodium count, and full of protein.

Last but not least, here are the nutrition facts on the most amazing chocolate ever! I love how guiltless these squares are, with only 32 calories and 1 gram of fat, plus 3 g sugar.

Overall, my top 5 products would have to be:

1.) Raw Chocolate 2.) Spirulina Bar 3.) Granola 4.) Pizza Crackers 5.) Pumpkin Seeds

As if they could be more generous, Go Raw is offering a giveaway to one lucky reader! A random entry will be selected to win:





 All you have to do is comment below letting me know which product sounds best to you! The giveaway ends on next Sunday, November 18th.

Thank you times a million to Go Raw for your generosity- I really couldn’t find a bad thing to say about any of your products!:)

*This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated*

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85 thoughts on “Go Raw Product Review (and a Giveaway!)

  1. linda

    Gosh, they all sound great, but I’m going to have to say the Spirulina bars peak my interest the most. Would love to try a sample

  2. laura

    pizza crackers sound delicious

  3. With banana being my most loved fruit of all combined with my obsession with greens, that Spirulina bar looks delicious! I love bars like those because they are so great to help with portion control. Its hard to overeat when the size is already determined for you. Love these reviews, keep ’em coming 🙂

  4. oooh they all sound good! I’ve only tried the pizza crackers. Freakin’ delish!

  5. Talia Arnon

    Spirulina bar is definitely the favorite:) When I first tried it, I must admit I thought it tasted a little odd. But after snacking on it some more, I could not get enough! You can never go wrong with spirulina products:) Probably make favorite snack now 🙂

  6. Crystal Sharp

    Raw chocolate is always best 😉

  7. Oooooohhh Yes…. Them Pizza Crackers sound simply WoUnDeRfUl!!!

  8. Graylee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Lemon cookies! We use the sprouted pumpkin seeds to top off our salads. the Spirulina chips are the BEST also. The Pizza actually makes your taste buds explode with excitement with the bold flavors, you never feel deprived! All the products are amazing! We invest weekly to keep these in our house! (~_~) LOVE GO RAW!!

    • I’m definitely going to start investing in these products too! They are the perfect thing to keep a healthy lifestyle since they are all amazing for snacking! Thanks so much for the comment!:)

  9. They all sound delicious, but the little chocolate squares really do sound like heaven!

  10. Angela

    Pizza Crackers sound like the best alternative to chips1

  11. I’ve tried some of their stuff before, but never the cookies. Would definitely be interested to see what those are like!

    I have been dying to try some of their bars, but the price tag usually deters me.

  13. Yum! The raw chocolate or the spirulina bar sound wonderful!!!

  14. raw chocolate for sure!

  15. Umm Pizza crackers duh! Those look super tasty and DELISH! I wanna try them:) thanks for posting these great pictures! Xx

  16. I have never tried any of their products but I’ve definitely been on the border of buying the spirulina bar before….I just can’t get enough of the green stuff lately!

  17. Nana

    The cookies sound good.

  18. I think I’d want to try the chocolate, or the spirulina bar! I’ve seen their products in whole foods, I guess I’m going to have to go check them out now!

    • I need to go to Whole Foods, too, becasue it’s ridiculous how fast I’ve gone through some of these bags- they have to have holes in them;) Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I’ve tried the pizza crackers before and they are totally addicting! But I think the chocolate definitely sounds best to me (:

  20. Caroline

    Um everything!! haha but actually the bars look really good and I’d love to try the sprouted pumpkin seeds – I’ve never heard of anything quite like them before!

  21. Kelly Saucier

    the banana bread flax bar for me! 😀 what an awesome company!

  22. Kara

    Your description of the raw chocolate won me over!

  23. The raw chocolate is DEFINITELY what I would love. I’m always s sucker for chocolate. 😉

  24. Linda S

    I LOVE the spirulina chips which I buy as a splurge once in awhile! Of course I am a chocoholic and so I am sure I’d love the raw chocoalate, but being that it is pumpkin season and I have been a bit pumpkin obsessed (perhaps that is an understatement!), I would love to try that pumpkin bar 😉

    • I’m such a chocoholic too, but the spirulina chips come very close to the chocolate in terms of addiciting! I swear that bag had a hole in it;)

      • Linda S

        I agree, they are addicting and seem to satisfy craving for crunchy AND sweet!!

  25. I think the spirulina bar sounds interesting – I’ve never had spirulina before!

  26. Corina

    I would love to try the Spirulina bar…I LOVE banana flavored things!

  27. I adore their products,especially the mini bars and go raw super cookies. the ginger and lemon ones.. oh gosh drool. don’t even get me started on their crackers, the pizza ones are to die for!

  28. flighttorun

    spirulina bar!

  29. The raw chocolate for sure: I recently tried some samples of raw chocolate a fellow yogi brought in after class and was won over by the creamy “curry fennel” flavor. It’s exactly what you would expect but so many times better – the creaminess you described is spot on!

  30. Your green smoothie looks awesome – you’re making me want to make one of my own! I would love to try all those products. Gotta love free samples!

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  32. Spirulina Bar! I’m looking forward to trying some new products when I return to the States this winter!

  33. Ahh they all sound delicious! Of course I always love chocolate, but I’d like to try their granola, spirulina bar and pumpkin bar!

  34. livinglearningeating

    I’m obsessed with the original granola and pumpkin seeds (but don’t get to have them often, because they’re so expensive and school is so expensive, so there’s not really money for them). I hope I win, thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway! livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com

  35. Pingback: Vegan Power Parfait and Go Raw Giveaway Update! « moderngirlnutrition

  36. Linda S

    Oh my gosh, this is so exciting, an additional go raw giveaway! They rock and I can’t even pick one but a new one I didn’t see on the other one is the chia cookies! And the vegan parfait looks so good, I can’t wait to try it! You are a one-of-a-kind teenager!

  37. Meredith

    I LOVE the bars:0]

  38. Emma

    I agree with you! That spirulina bar looks delish 🙂

  39. The Spirulina Bar sounds awesome! I’ve only ever had the Original Super Cookies and Pizza Cookies and the Original flavor is my favorite. They are great for snacking on long plane rides!

  40. It is hard to stray from the Original Super Cookies when they taste so good.

  41. Healthy chips and crackers that taste good are so hard to find… I’d love to try those Spicy Flax Crackers, they sound awesome! I love spicy food

  42. Megan

    those spriulina bars look so cool ! i have such an odd obsession with green foods. especially green smoothies !

  43. Kayleen

    Everything looks so good! Many of these products are new to me but I do add the sprouted pumpkin seeds to my salad. So yummy and I love the nutritional boost! I’d really like to try the raw chocolate. It sounds amazing and it would be a special treat. I really enjoy reading your blog and trying your recipes! It’s really awesome to find another young person (I’m 17) that is serious about eating healthy. 🙂

  44. Rebecca

    I think the spirulina cookies look the best! I have just happened upon your blog! love it!

  45. health advocation

    I’d love to try a SPIRULINA bar!

  46. I can’t even handle the sheer awesomeness of these products, but the chai cookies probably win in my book!

  47. Hope

    I’d love to try the raw chocolate – it sounds so yum!

  48. Carlie

    The banana bread bar looks the best!

  49. The ginger cookies are right up my alley! Love your blog, btw!

  50. Tracy

    Ginger cookies sound really great!!

  51. Is the giveaway open overseas too 😉 ?

    If it is i would Love to get everything. But if i have to choose then, granola maybe? I am always looking for a good oat free granola – allergic…

  52. Mmmm I’d love to try them all! But the spirulina bar sounds intriguing. 🙂

  53. Kendra Mays

    The Spirulina bars look the best! 🙂

  54. Ttrockwood

    Everything looks awesome! Especially the banana raw bar and the spirulina bar!

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