What I (Want to Be) Eating Wednesday!

Is it just me, or has everyone in the blog world been posting extra amazing recipes lately? From roasted squash to warm soups and stews to everything pumpkin, I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of great recipes out there! So for this week’s WIAW, I decided to switch it up a bit, and feature other blogger’s fantastic recipes that are giving me major cravings:) Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Peas and Crayons

First up is Peachy Palate’s Pumpkin Chickpea Spinach Coconut Curry, which sounds divine topped with roasted, crunchy chickpeas!


Yeah…Imma Eat That’s Cornbread Quiche Muffins– I wish my muffins would turn out half as pretty;) These would be perfect paired with a healthy chili!


These decadent Peanut Flour Brownies by Ingredients of a Fit Chick sound fantastic, and much less sinful due to the peanut flour!


I know this isn’t fall themed, or new, but this “Banana Hot Dog with Fries” from Kath Eats is too cute! I need to find those Ezekiel buns asap



 May I Have That Recipe? posted this Winter Squash Salad with Warm Pomegranate Vinegarette. This is such a great Thanksgiving dish for vegetarians and vegans! With squash, mushrooms, tempeh, and pomegranate, its essentially a plate of my favorite foods!


Liv Lives Life’s Berry Breakfast Quinoa? Umm, yum. Think creamy quinoa topped with sweet, warm berries. Don’t you want that right now?


Live Blissful’s Pumpkin and Cannellini Bean Curry with Buckwheat sounds perfect for cold fall nights. I love pumpkin, curry, and white beans, so this is right up my alley!


Life Hands You Lime’s French Toast Almond Butter- Almonds, spices, and a bit of Maple Syrup…need I say more?


I love this Strawberry, Avocado, Kale, and Brussels Salad from A Spoonful of Sunshine! I know it’s not exactly fall themed, but the flavor combination works surprising well! And it doesn’t get much healthier:)


Hungry Hungry Hippie’s Vegan Creamed Kale- forget creamed spinach! This kale is creamed with a decadent cashew sauce- how delicious does that sound? This girl has the most creative recipes!



Last but definitely not least, Clean Eating Chelsey’s Chickpea Curry Burgers. Chickpeas, curry, warm spices, and a few other ingredients make this veggie burger, which I wish I could have right now!:)

August 4, 2011 005


I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes!

So, what have I been eating that’s fall themed? Lots and lots of these Pumpkin Coconutty Oats and plenty of Pecan Pie green smoothies…

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Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday! Looking forward to plenty of Thanksgiving posts next week:)

photo creds to the bloggers!

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34 thoughts on “What I (Want to Be) Eating Wednesday!

  1. Yummm that dish from Peachy Palate looks SO good! So many delicious things!

  2. Oh my goodness Sunnie!!! You have me absolutely drooling right now!! WOW!! Every single one of those recipes sounds divine!! Thank you for the shout out to my brownies too!! Have a great day !:)

  3. I promise you those brownies are delicious! I mean like it’s hard to stop at one 🙂

  4. oh my. I’m not even sure which thing I want the most. Maybe those peanut flour brownies….but it all looks so good! happy wiaw!

  5. Such a yummy looking post! Those peanut flour brownies look especially awesome!

  6. haha I know hasn’t everyone’s recipes looked extra amazing recently?!?! Those quiche muffins and warm winter salad are calling my name! Thanks for the link up Sunnie 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for the ‘link love’! You’re the best!!

  8. I know! There are so many recipes that I’m like… Oh! I should make that, no that, no that! Lol. It’s so hard to choose. I love banana hot dog sandwiches- So good!

    Alright. So the next time that I go home, I definitely have to make a green smoothie. Do you have any nut-free and dairy-free recipes that you would recommend?

  9. I am drooling all over the place! So much delicious goodness in one place 🙂 Thanks for sharing…can’t wait to try out all these links.

  10. elise

    hi sunnie 🙂 youre so sweet to include my creamed kale – i do think its one of my faves! these recipes all look awesome…glad i clicked over here. you have a lovely site.

  11. flighttorun

    everything looks so good!!

  12. I love the title of this post 🙂 I need to get better at making new recipes. I feel like I have been eating the same few things recently and need to mix it up! Maybe I’ll start with one of these recipes here 🙂

  13. cleanfoodcreativefitness

    What an awesome round up of recipes! Every one I saw I thought was the best…until I saw the next one 😉

  14. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  15. I completely agree with you….I’m overwhelmed by all of the yummy recipes! Thanks for sharing all of these. I see quite a few that I must make!

  16. What a great idea for a post, and you’re right. The pictures are great and I can’t wait to start trying some of these.

  17. Oh holy wow all of that looks delish! So happy I have two more days of school and then a week to get all of those recipes made!! Yum! Thanks for the link up, you’re so amazing!!

  18. Happy WIAW! What a great idea! I agree, I also get overwhelmed by the amount of interesting recipe I find. 🙂

  19. health advocation

    I love all these meals- will you make rhem for me ;)You are so creative, I love all your posts 🙂 I read katheats too- I just saw your blog roll! Hope you have an awesome day!

  20. lifewithpepper

    I love this! It all looks so good!

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