PJ’s Organic Frozen Burrito Review!

My product review list is mostly made up of vegan snacks, raw snacks, nut butters, sprouted breads, and well, you see the trend! One food that I have not reviewed is the frozen burrito. Dorm room staples filled with sodium, cheese bi-product, and the infamous “Is that meat?!” , these are generally the opposite of healthy. When I was asked about reviewing PJ’s  Organic Burritos, I began to jump to conclusions, until I read their ingredient list… Organic white meat chicken, black beans, and even a wheat tortilla boost these burritos into a class of their own, and I was so intrigued with their nutrition that I couldn’t wait to try them!

The company sent over 2 Skinny Burritos, their Breakfast Burrito, and their Traditional Chicken, which all looked great!

First up was the Traditional Chicken, which I ate for lunch along with a salad and banana…

I microwaved it in a paper towel like the directions suggested, which worked well. The inside was neither nuclear nor frozen, and the tortilla was warm and fluffy. I loved the flavor of this burrito, which was a bit spicy but not overly salty. However, I think the burrito needed more filling- it was lacking a bit in the bean and chicken department.

Next in line was the Breakfast, which is made with organic turkey sausage, cheese, and eggs (see full nutrition stats at end of post!)

This burrito had plenty of pros and cons. The pros included great flavor, good texture, and a fluffy tortilla, and enjoyed I really enjoyed it overall! The main con was that it seemed to be missing eggs. Still, it did a great job of keeping me full until lunch!

I saved the best for last with the Skinny Burrito! I used the oven to heat it up this time, and then broiled it for about a minute. This made a super crispy tortilla, and I loved the black bean and chicken combo as well as the overall lightness!

The Skinny was without a doubt my favorite, but how did the other two stack up? I decided to do a taste test with the Breakfast and the Chicken, and the Chicken emerged victorius with 2nd place:)

Maybe PJ’s could be a little better taste wise, but how do they compare nutritionally to other natural frozen burritos? I looked at the popular Evol Egg and Sausage, and recorded its information. Obviously, there’s no fairness in comparing with the Skinny Burrito, so I went with the PJ’s Breakfast:)

PJ’s is a winner in the calorie and fat area, with half the amount of saturated fat! Although it’s protein is lower, the burrito has 250mg less sodium, too! That’s a win win in my book.

If you are looking for a healthy convenience product, PJ’s is your burrito. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with all of them, especially their nutrition and quality of ingredients!

Thanks to PJ’s for your generosity! http://www.pjsorganics.com/

*This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated*

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8 thoughts on “PJ’s Organic Frozen Burrito Review!

  1. Linda

    Never tried PJ’s (not sure where they sell those, maybe Whole Foods?) but Amy’s has a delicious rice and bean burrito with plenty of filling and the stats are comparible, I think!! I sometimes eat them when I’m in a rush or didn’t prepare lunch the night before!

  2. Yum! I’ve never head of those burritos but they look great!

  3. Oh man, I literally lived off frozen burritos when I lived in a dorm. I bought the Amy’s brand burritos and they were really good, they actually sounds pretty similar to PJ’s (minus the chicken!).

  4. I’ve never heard of these but I think I may have to try one! They definitely look great for a quick meal 🙂

  5. Yum! I love beany burritos but have never tried this brand, I’ll have to find one! Have you ever tried any of the burritos from TJ’s or the Cedar Lane beans + rice + cheese style? It’s a fave!

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