Saturday Eats and Go Raw Giveaway Winner!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for…the Go Raw giant giveaway winner!

But first, I must torture you with yesterday’s eats, because suspense makes it all the more exciting!:)

Breakfast was a

Granola out of a squash bowl? Amazing!

Lunch included my favorite Ezekiel tortilla and fresh beets as well as tofu, veggies, and lots of avocado and hummus for a perfect veggie wrap!

…and dinner involved a giant tofu salad with quinoa and basically everything else in the fridge:)

There was also a yogurt, fruit, flax crackers, nuts, dark chocolate, and plenty of hummus throughout the day:)

Now for the giveaway results…drumroll please!

My random number claims Kailey at The Caffeinated Runner as the lucky winner!

Congrats and thankyou to everyone who entered! …and of course to the generosity of Go Raw, an amazing company with even better products:)

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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8 thoughts on “Saturday Eats and Go Raw Giveaway Winner!

  1. oh em gee, squash bowl? Freakin’ genius!

  2. I’m coming to your house on Saturdays. Your eats look great and I love how you labeled the photos. Yum.

  3. Yummm your acorn squash bowl looks amazing!

  4. Is that granola in your acorn squash bowl? Yum!

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