A Fridge Full of Healthy!:)

Admit it- you secretly love grocery shopping:) The little checklist (that always ends up lost), new products, and of course, the abundance of fresh produce. And if you like grocery shopping or healthy eating, than you love Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s! The organic options always win a nutrition lover’s heart:) And we can’t forget the samples! In fact, just recently my aunt saw a shopper bring in this coffee mug from home and fill it up with TJ’s coffee sample! Ha! We stopped in to both stores for this week’s shopping….here’s what I picked up:)

Sweet potatoes, apples, bananas for freezing, squash, avocados, tomatoes, oranges

Kale (I’ve depleted my garden;) ), spinach

Atlantic salmon sliders, Sunshine Burgers, Braggs!

I was super excited for these wild salmon burgers until I tried one! I love salt, but they were so salty we could barely get them down! The Sunshine Burgers were amazing, as usual!

Salsa, Cedar’s Hummus (my fav), frozen blueberrries, frozen peas, almond butter

Beans, tempeh (so cheap at TJ’s!), english muffins, giant yogurt, organic Wallaby yogurt

Dates, Rise Bars (Heavenly!), Brown Rice Chocolate Protein

I’m so thankful to  have access to all these amazing foods! With the fridge stocked with hummus, veggies, and nut butters, I can already tell it’s going to be a good week:) Have a great night!


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13 thoughts on “A Fridge Full of Healthy!:)

  1. Hahaha I DO love grocery shopping and I DO always lose my list 😉

    How do you like that brown rice protein powder? I tried rice protein powder once but didn’t love it. I was trying to recommend some non-dairy, non-soy protein to a friend and wasn’t sure what to tell her!

    • I actually like this one! It’s not thick and amazing (of course), but it’s not too chalky and is great blended with a banana, almondmilk, spinach, and a bit more cocoa powder:) I love the stats, too! Thanks for visting Liz!

  2. This looks like the perfect kind of post for my new blog link-up series Shopping List Friday! Check it out here: http://bitinglife.com/2012/11/16/shopping-list-friday-4/

  3. the best thing is a fridge full of produce! it makes me SO super happy!!

  4. I love food shopping. Even though I usually get 80% of the same things every week, I always love it. Aimlessly wandering through the aisles and spending ages eyeing up different products. I just hate the unpacking and putting it away when I get home!

  5. I LOVE grocery shopping. Feels so great to have a fridge stocked with healthy foods 🙂

  6. How is it that I always loose my list or I can never find it when I get to the grocery store. Ugh. I definitely love grocery shopping- I actually need to go tonight. I used to go only once a week but I felt like my produce was going bad before I would get to it so I now o every couple of days instead.

  7. Love your healthy eating blog! 🙂 I hate to grocery shop BUT I love to have the fridge filled with fresh produce when I’m done 🙂

  8. Our grocery carts are very similar! For one, I absolutely adore TJs tempeh! Not to mention the quantity of produce you need for the week, I can totally relate. I’ve never tried Rice Protein Powder before, do you normally use that kind?

  9. I love grocery shopping. It’s like a special treat every weekend, and I didn’t realize you were of fan of the sunshine patties, although I should have guessed. I’ve been eating them because the nutritional stats and ingredients were so impressive! They happen to taste fabulous as well.

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