WIAW-Bare Fruit Review and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Wednesday! This is how I feel right now…

So ready for it to be Winter Break:) This week’s WIAW is short and sweet, because I have a review (and giveaway!) for all of you down at the bottom thanks to the generosity of Bare Fruit!

Breakfasts have been one thing…

Overnight Oat Power Parfaits! The Greek yogurt/banana blend makes these so creamy and decadent- but so refreshing at the same time! Banana Berry on the left, Banana PB Spinach on the right


The best snack of this week was this flavor of Siggi’s. Acai and Mixed Berries is my new favorite! I love the low sugar and high protein, too.


After buying an amazing wrap (that must have weighed 2 pounds!) at Whole Foods, I decided to replicate it. Avocado, beans, hummus, veggies, and roasted onions went into a sprouted tortilla to make one of the best wraps I’ve ever had.


And dinner, although not pretty, was also great! Tempeh marinated and baked in my new favorite carrot dressing topped off a kale salad- yum!


Now for what you have been waiting for…

“Apple” and “chip” combined into one? Sign me up! When I got the opportunity to review Bare Fruit’s Cinnamon Apple Chips, I was super excited. While most chips are full of fats and often preservatives, this bag has only two healthy and pure ingredients: Apples and Cinnamon. And to make that even better, the high-quality Washington apples they use are organic! I could barely wait to take a picture before sampling….


I started off by trying them plain. Instantly, I knew the bag wouldn’t last long. They were super crunchy and sweet, and the cinnamon added a perfect flavor!


The next morning, I topped off my whipped banana crockpot oats with a few of them. They held their crunch so well and added a great texture. Success!


Of course, I couldn’t resist adding yet another topping to my yogurt bowl. Actually, I kept it simple this time with just apple chips and strawberries, which went perfectly together. I love that you can still see where the seeds were in the apple slice, showing how minimally processed these are…


….and I also sprinkled a small handful on sprouted bread with cinnamon raisin PB. I don’t think I need to explain how amazing this was:)


As you can tell, I am a huge fan. They are an incredible alternative to sweets and potato chips, and are perfect for bringing on the road:)

Want to win a bag?  How about a case? That’s what I thought:) Bare Fruit is offering to send one Modern Girl Nutrition reader a case of these amazing chips. How do you win? Just like Bare Fruit’s MGN Facebook page HERE! (Comments are much appreciated, too:) ) The giveaway ends next Wednesday, December 17th!

As always, thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting WIAW:)

What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

Have a great week everyone!


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34 thoughts on “WIAW-Bare Fruit Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. The parfaits and the veggie wrap look so tasty!! You’re making me hungry, Sunnie!!

  2. The yogurt sounds really good. I’ll have to look for it at the grocery store!

  3. Those chips sounds delicious; I will definitely be “liking” the Bare Fruit Facebook page:) Your parfaits look amazing as well–I need to get some soy or coconut milk yogurt so I can make them!

  4. Wow, loving the look of those apple crisps! What a great looking WIAW!

  5. Grr.. I had a nice (long) comment and then I accidentally exited out of my internet window. I HATE when that happens. Okay, to sum it up, all of your photos look awesome. I love the layers in your breakfast parfaits and hummus is a great addition to wraps!

    And dried apples are really the greatest! They have these Disney pouches at Walmart with dried apples, pears, apples with cinnamon, bananas, and strawberries. They are all so good. I bet the Bare Fruit bags are great too. Going to “like” their page now! 🙂

    • I hate when that happens- especially when it’s a blog post! You are so sweet to re-type:) I love that they have healthy options at DisneyLand- I will keep an eye out for those! Good luck in the giveaway and thanks for visiting:)

  6. The Bare Fruit chips are a fantastic snack, and definitely one of my traveling staples. I’ve also had their pear chips which, I think, are even better! Also, your wrap looks great! I always go overboard at whole food with their salad bar. It’s so hard to stop piling in the goodness.

    • Oh my goodness I have to go find those pear chips:) And I completely agree about the Whole Foods overload- my eyes are always wayy bigger than my stomach! Happy WIAW Jodye!

  7. kimthevegan

    That looks like a pretty fun day of food =)
    I love the replicated wrap – it looks super tasty. I love trying to recreate great food from restaurants too.

  8. That wrap looks so great! I love a good wrap.

  9. That wrap looks soooooooo good!

  10. i like them on facebook, your meals look delicious!

  11. Love apple crisps! Theyre so delicious and satisfying..way better than potato crisps!

  12. your wrap looks so good i make one like that just add in some sweet potato or butternut ! my picture would have been pouring out all over after i cut it lol

    • It literally took me 5 minutes to wrap it up to make sure it stayed in place for the picture! I have no idea how people at Chipotle and Whole Foods are so good at rolling tortillas! Thanks for visiting Kaity:)

  13. Did you order the wrap behind the counter or was it pre-made? It looks awesome…i LOVE wraps. Great giveaway…i just liked your page!

    • Thank you girl! I made the wrap in the picture, but I was inspired by Whole Food’s wrap, which I had made behind the counter:) Thanks for entering and good luck!

  14. Siggi’s is my favorite! I’m addicted to the 2% plain.

  15. YUMM!! I need to get my mitts one some of this bare fruit!

  16. Ttrockwood

    Liked bare fruit on fb! (Teri)

  17. Your food just makes me feel healthy. Love all your meals 🙂

  18. Those parfaits look amazing!! And I finally tried tempeh for the first time last Friday (thanks to you) and I loved it! It is so versatile!!! Thanks for the inspiration Sunnie!

    • Glad you liked the tempeh! It’s definitely a staple around here:) And the parfaits are so addicting- I make the oats the night before and love how easy blending a banana and some yogurt in the morning is! Thanks for visiting Sarah!

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