That’s a Wrap! (Pun Intended)


We all love Whole Food’s salad bar, and I am no exception. I love it so much that I can never seem to leave the store without a big box in hand. The problem is, they have so many amazing selections that my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach, and I almost always end up with a 15+ dollar “snack”. We were starving while shopping the other day, and were just about to head to the salad bar when we saw someone walk by with a freshly made custom wrap that looked incredible! I decided to check out their sandwich station and was so impressed! Like a pumped up Subway, they had tons of healthy options from hummus to grilled onions to roasted eggplant. I ended up with a wrap that I could split into two meals, all for just $7.99!


Obviously, I got serious wrap cravings after that. Pulling out almost every veggie in the fridge, I decided something had to be done. The result? This fully loaded veggie wrap, which definitely hit the spot!

Fully Loaded Veggie Wrap

veggie wrap3


1 large wheat or sprouted tortilla

1 handful spinach

3 T. hummus

1/3 of an avocado

a few mushrooms, sliced

1 tsp. oil

1/4 cup beans

1 tsp. vinegar

pepper, to taste


Preheat oven to 400. Coat mushrooms in a bit of oil and spices of choice and roast for 10 minutes while assembling wrap. Spread out tortilla, and layer on hummus, spinach, and beans, and then finish with the vegetables and vinegar. Add mushrooms. Attempt to wrap. 🙂


This was the best lunch I have had in a long time, and it was super filling! Feel free to take out or add in any ingredient you want, and completely customize:)

Have a great day!

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35 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap! (Pun Intended)

  1. You always have the best looking wraps! And, I totally know what you mean about Whole Foods – I always end up with a ridiculously expensive giant box of food and then get super annoyed at the price! haha

  2. Thanks for posting! I seriously want this… now!

  3. kimthevegan

    Well that looks yummy! I like the idea of roasting the mushrooms (my fav!).
    I was super happy when I went to Whole Foods a little while ago and found a make your own burrito bar and had mostly vegan options =)

  4. Oh man I love wraps so much! Never had one from Whole Foods, but I agree with you on the hot bar and salad bar. I always tend to just fill up the box with so many things and it is the most expensive meal or snack ever.

    • I have to have a serious budget when I’m around the salad bar haha- I love all the hot foods too! I was really surprised with how good the wrap was, and loved that i could take half home for dinner:) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I had Whole Food’s salad bar last night for dinner. You’re right about all the amazing, eye-catching choices. I am always overwhelmed at how delicious everything seems to be. I agree though – It really does add up! I don’t like how expensive it can be (I guess that’s the price you pay for whole, yummy foods!) This wrap looks delicious! I have made hummus and veggie pitas before but I don’t think I’ve ever made a wrap at home. Crazy. I know. I will have to use this recipe for dinner this upcoming week. I just added it to my meal planner!

  6. That wrap looks like the absolute perfect combo! I can never get mine to stay tight though….they always fall apart when I make them at home, blah.

    • Mine too- I think I spent at least 5 minutes making sure all the toppings would stay in place! You just have to make sure the hummus gets on the edges of the tortilla and it helps keep the wrap tight:) Thanks for visiting!

  7. So easy n so good looking ! Def gotta change up my lunch n this looks like it’ll do the job

    • I really need to start changing up my lunch routine too (after 3 weeks straight salads are getting a bit redundant haha), so I’m going to start premaking these so that I can just grab them and go:) Healthy and easy! Have a great weekend Kaity!

  8. Uh, now I am the one with a wrap craving, really it looks delicious and easy to make. It must be cool to live near Whole Foods :’)

  9. Ohh do not even get me started on WF salad bar. It’s such a love hate relationship! I LOVE the food..LOVEEE it. I hate the price!! I always pay it though, and always go back for more!! This wrap looks SO good!

    • Thanks so much! I’m always amazed at how my salads end up so heavy, but it always ends up being worth every penny 🙂 I swear I could eat there for all three meals every day!

  10. This looks delicious! Ok, I’m totally going to have to check out the food bar the next time I have an opportunity to go to Whole Foods!

    • Definitely! They had so many good options at mine:) And I was amazed that he was actually able to fit all the toppings into one tortilla haha. Have a great weekend Natalie!

  11. Yum! The wrap looks great. I too am a Whole Foods fan!

  12. Whole Foods has the best salad bar–and wraps! I just saw one the other day that was a chipotle sweet potato wrap and I was so close to buying it, but I think I’ll try to recreate it like you did!

  13. This wrap is almost exactly like the salad I had for lunch today! So delicious!!! This looks amazing! 🙂

  14. WHOLE FOODS SALAD BARRRRRRR!!! Although, I am actually a little bit more obsessed with the Whole Foods Seafood BAR! OMG SO EXCITED. My girlfriends and I have a plan of going on Sunday, buy a whole bunch of deliciousness and then bring it back to my house and watch the Bachelorette Wedding (ah ha ha ha, secret’s out, LOVE the Bachelor & Bachelorette! LOL)… What I also like is… FREE SAMPLES!!!! I go around with a mini cup and COLLECT food to snack on as I pick out what I want for my meal, LOL!!!! Sometimes I eat so much that, I don’t even need to buy anything, LMFAO! Shhh…?

    • Haha! This comment made me laugh so hard:) Taking around a mini cup is not as bad as the time we saw a guy bring an actual big mug into Trader Joe’s to get coffee lol! Thanks for stoping buy and hope you have a great time on Sunday!!

  15. Looks like a great wrap! I had a really good chicken ceasar wrap this week!

  16. Yum! Your veggie wrap looks fabulous! And I feel like one of the only bloggers who has never been to a Whole Foods 😦 Maybe that’s a good thing though, especially for my wallet.

  17. I am obsessed with sprouted wraps and these look amazing! I love how creative they are!

  18. that looks delicious!! I so wish I had a Whole Foods near me. The closest I have is TJ’s an hour away 😦

  19. That’s a wrap… Pun intended. This looks fabulous. I make my Hubby veggie wraps for his lunches, and he loves them too. I really like the idea of adding beans.

  20. Yummmm that wrap looks good! I would definitely make wraps more often if I was good at it, haha. I can never seem to figure out how to fold them correctly, and then they just always fall apart. But if I get lunch out from somewhere, a wrap is something I usually go for. I love that it’s still kind of like a sandwich, but you can shove tons of veggies in there (way more than just a regular sandwich usually).

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