Sunshine in a Glass

With all the cookies, chocolate, and candy around this time of year, I’ve been craving two things. 1.) Green Smoothies and 2.) Fresh Juice. Nothing sounded better than juice this morning, and armed with a giant bag each of organic carrots, apples, and lemons, I was ready to go.


I was just about to get out cheesecloth to strain my VitaMix juice through when I remembered that my uncle had gifted me a Jack LaLane’s power juicer for Christmas! He was so generous and I couln’t wait to put it to good use! Although it took me a few tries to figure it out (I always seem to put it together backwards haha ), I finally came out with this amazing, super fresh mixture.


Gone are the days of spending 20 minutes to make a tiny glass of juice, as shown here. With just 3 ingredients, this recipe takes about 30 seconds to make, and is super refreshing. Win!


Sunshine Juice


3 carrots

1 apple

1/2 lemon, peeled


Juice! (I love writing these directions;) It’s no wonder I do so many smoothie/juice posts!)


I’m so excited to start juicing more often- this sunshine in a glass was more energizing than coffee!

I may be a bit slow on the posts in the next few days, as we are heading up to go skiing:) Hope you have a great weekend!!

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23 thoughts on “Sunshine in a Glass

  1. I adore juicing! I took my parents’ juicer to college with me but I had no room for it in my car when I moved back home so I had to leave it in my storage unit!!! I miss it so much!

  2. this looks so good! ive been cravings smoothies too its all i basically been having since xmas.. have fun skiing!

  3. I, too, have been craving some healthy fruits and veggies after cookie overload. Your sunshine juice looks like the perfect solution!

  4. This looks delish. I love the yellow and orange contrast with the lemon slices in the juice. 2012 has been a year of moving around and about – I am excited to get back to a grounded place where I can feel confident about purchase commitments like a juicer!

  5. I am totally craving greens the last couple days- must be my body freaking out from all the sugar I have been forcing in it the last week. haha

  6. This looks like a great way to refuel after the holidays, and to remember that 5 cookies might be just a bit too much sugar. The sweetness of fresh juice is so wonderful and satisfying, and I love the beautiful orange color!

  7. Yum, that juice looks delicious! I definitely want to get a juicer eventually.

  8. courtneybentley

    I love juicing! I put all the ingredients in a mason jar so I can just juice and not worry about figuring out what kind of juice I want the next day! Love and shine courtstar

  9. woohoo!! what a great gift! Your fresh juice looks so yummmyy!

  10. I just dusted off my juicer after having neglected it over the holidays. Nothing better than a fresh juice to kickstart the new year!

  11. My daughter was just taking about juicing! Something I must try myself. Looks so healthy!

  12. I definitely need some healthy juice as I am fighting an awful cold. We have a hand me down juicer that I always forget about but I have most of those ingredients at our house. Beautiful Xmas gift!

    • Wasn’t that so generous? I’m so happy to be done straining juice from my VitaMix! Hope you feel better soon- winter colds are the worst:( Have a great weekend!

  13. kimthevegan

    Haha I love your comment about it being more energizing then coffee (as I am one of those who do not actually drink the stuff). Mmmm juice =)
    What a great gift!

  14. I love my juicer! I just can never seem to think of enough new juices! This one looks great 🙂 Thanks!

  15. I just used pineapple juice to make a quick sorbet. Love my juicer!

  16. Aunt B

    Sunnie. You are a very talented photographer and I love your recipes. It would be neat to see you working at a nutrition magazine someday. Love you! Aunt B

  17. I love the name of this post and I’m with you 100%. I’m craving veggies and fruits in the worst way.

  18. I never thought to strain the stuff that comes out of my Vitamix! (I just give the foam to the composting pigs and they wheek with happiness). What a lovely Christmas present–enjoy your juice!

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