WIAW-Here’s to 2013!

First off, happy New Year to all of you! I can’t believe 2012 is already over. Time is flying so fast that it will be summer in no time- as Zazu is hoping;) He hates the cold!


We just made it back from our ski trip, which was a blast:) It was 5 degrees, snowing, and breezy in this photo with the sis, but the background was too pretty not to take advantage of! We stacked on a million layers and headed out:)


The scenery was gorgeous, too!


There were plenty of amazing eats during the trip, as well as on the way back. Heading home, we drove past a little acai bowl shop called Truberry, and decided to check it out:) I got the TruGreen with plant protein, and the owner was so sweet to top it off with free extras like honey, granola, and bananas. Normally I’m not a huge acai bowl fan (since they’re generally a sugary juice base and overpriced) and but this one was amazing! It wasn’t overly sweet and kept me full for hours, too.


Next up was a packed tupperware lunch of this leftover Lentil Meatloaf (recipe to come!). It didn’t look quite as pretty as it does when I made it fresh in this pic:

vegan meatloaf3

…but it still tasted great!

A 3:30 Starbucks snack- I couldn’t resist one of these bars:


Dinner was more of this veggie-packed soup. The more I make it, the more I love it! I will be posting the recipe shortly:)


And a dessert of Blueberry Siggi’s with frozen blueberries and this Erewhon cereal that I won over in Danica’s generous giveaway! I’m actually glad this yogurt has a hefty price tag, because when I buy it occasionally as a splurge, it’s always better than getting to have it every day:)


But before all of this, there were some stand-outs at our holiday parties that I thought I should share-

We put pomegranate arils in sparkling water at Christmas dinner, and found that the carbonation makes them constantly float up and down- definitely a cute party idea to keep in mind!


And then there was Wild Salmon Lox, wheat crackers, and dip at New Year’s- so good!


And what’s a WIAW without product loving?


1.) Larabar Uber Bars– Made for the perfect ski fuel! Love that they have lower sugar, too. My mom brought home this giant box from Sam’s Club- of course I was ridiculously excited;)

2.) Kombucha in Gingerade: My new favorite *gasp!* Just a little bit better than the MultiGreen.

And a new try this week was these Brown Rice Tortillas from my beloved Trader Joe’s:

(pic from SugarFreeMom)

I wasn’t a huge fan of these, though. They were crumbly and very tough- although they did have good stats! They would probably be great for quesadillas, however.

Last but not least, I had to include cosmetic loving this week, because I am obsessed with this Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub. I think if heaven had a smell, it would be this!

giovanni hot cocoa

Wishing you all a year of health and happiness!


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47 thoughts on “WIAW-Here’s to 2013!

  1. I love the Gingeraide Kombucha! I can’t find Kombucha locally and have to make a pilgrimage to get it. Probably should do that this weekend. Your soup looks delicious! Happy New Year, Sunnie!

  2. Your ski trip sounds amazing (minus the 5 degree weather, Ha Ha). The views in your photos are absolutely breathtaking!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love Larabars but have not yet tried the Uber bars- they sound great! Happy New Year, Sunnie…hope 2013 is a great year for you :)!

    • You definitely have to get ahold of one:) They are sweet and salty- and two of the flavors have less than 10g sugar! Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year to you, too:)

  4. I’m so envious of your ski trip, it looks like a lot of fun. Very pretty scenery too! Love the pomegranate drinks idea – festive and so pretty!

  5. So jealous of your skiing trip. It looks amazing! We hope to go skiing in February, fingers crossed! Looking forward to the lentil meatloaf recipe πŸ™‚

  6. It sounds like you had a fantastic skiing trip, even though 5 degree is a bit cold;) That acai bowl looks delicious, as does that lentil meatloaf. And I had some amazing Kombucha yesterday (GT’s Enlightened Synergy Passionberry Bliss) that made me realize how much I love it!

  7. I haven’t been on a snowboarding trip in two years. These pictures make me want to go πŸ™‚ The Truberry store sounds amazing. I love that in bigger cities there are more options than just bagels, donuts, pancakes for breakfast – you know?
    PS – I am SO looking forward to your recipes this year πŸ™‚

  8. Your ski trip makes me so jealous. I haven’t gone in over five years and I miss it so much! I used to be part of my school’s ski club and we’d take a bus up to the slopes once a week. So much fun! Maybe I can convince my parents to take us up once this winter!

    That acai bowl looks and sounds amazing. Good choice πŸ™‚

  9. Your dog is too cute!! And I am always so jealous of your meals! Come cook for me? πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh my gosh! So jealous of your new larabars haha I bought the bananas foster one and I’m so excited to eat it. The acai bowl looks incredible, anything topped with bananas wins my heart though haha. Also, that scrub looks awesome! Looks like a great start to 2013 πŸ™‚

    • Definitely! My mom is great at always picking out the best stuff:) The bananas foster is my fave! You’re going to love it:) Thanks for visiting Abby!

  11. I can’t resist those raw bars either. I haven’t tried the brown rice wraps but I’m a huge fan of the ezekiel mini wraps. You can find them in the freezer at your regular grocery store or Whole Foods. Can’t remember if Trader Joe’s stocks them or not.

  12. What a great day of eats. I love that Starbucks grawnola bar too – super yummy!
    Those Trader Joe wraps are pretty crumbly. I find if I buy them when they are super fresh, they are good for wraps right after opening them, but go stale super fast after that so I stick them in the freezer and use them for quesadillas or as a pizza crust.
    Glad you had such a great trip =)

    • I love the taste of them but just wish they held up better! I think I will give them another try and not store them in the freezer this time. Thanks for the tip Kim!:)

  13. Love your pics! I wanted to love TJ’s Brown Rice Tortillas but I just don’t 😦 I love the sparkling water idea. Thanks for that one!

  14. Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to reading your posts! I always like reading the WIAW posts too because they give me ideas for things to eat. The granola and yogurt combo looks delish!

    • I spend wayy too much time reading WIAW posts-they just have so many great ideas! Thanks for visiting and I can’t wait to read more of your posts, too:)

  15. lentil meatloaf sounds delicious! looking forward to the recipe. i haven’t tried any loafs since going vegetarian, and they look pretty awesome.

  16. that view is beautiful ! you guys look so good too! i love that pomegranate water idea sooo cute!

  17. I love the Uber bars, the banana bread one is so good! I’ve always wanted to try one of those raw bars but they’re always so expensive at Whole Foods. I love the sparkling water idea, so cute!

  18. I totally put some pom seeds in my champagne on NYE, it was delicious! I have yet to try the Uber bar’s but I’ve heard only good things.

  19. Skiing is so much fun!! I love the uber bars…almost more than regular Lara bars! I have to agree with you on the brown rice tortillas…I’m stuck with a few more 😦 I NEED Kombucha. I’ve been seeing it all over the blogging world and always forget to buy it when I’m out. Gingerade seems to be the one to get?

    • You definitely have to pick one up! If you haven’t tried one before, you might want to start with the fruit ones like the guava, which are a little sweeter. Gingerade is my fave though! Have a great 2013!

  20. gingerade and multigreen are my favorites too! Gingerade immediately settles my tummy no matter what is going on down there. I love it!
    happy new year! Your trip looks so fun!

  21. Lentil “meat loaf” is on my list of things to make!

    • I only wish I hadn’t waited so long:) I love that it tastes like the real thing without any faux meat needed! I think I ate half the loaf by myself, though;) Happy WIAW Liz!

  22. That soup looks delicious, I can’t wait for the recipe! I also love the seltzer water and pomegranate idea, so cute!

  23. Everything looks amazing Sunnie! (Like always) Please share your vegetable recipe ay-sap, as I have been craving soup like nobody’s business lately!

  24. The gingerade is def my favorite flavor!! I wish our TJ’s carried brown rice tortillas!! That soup looks to die for. I can’t wait for the recipe!

  25. What a beautiful scene to go skiing in. Is it wrong that I’m in Canada and have never skiied or went snowboarding?! ahh!
    Happy 2013 lovely!

  26. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up that Raw bar at Starbucks only to put it down! Is it worth getting? Because if you say so, I’m really not going to have an excuse to stop me from buying it next time. πŸ˜‰

  27. Happy New Year! πŸ™‚
    Oh, a ski trip! How fun! My family and I wanted to go on one this winter but we ended up not going because it’s really warm here in Germany for some reason.
    All your eats look so good.. as always!
    Brown rice tortillas?!?! I WANT ONE! πŸ™‚ I still have yet to find some good tortillas here in Germany.

  28. I LOVE that kombucha flavor! It’s my favorite for sure.

  29. Welcome home and Happy New Year! I feel the same way about cold as ZaZu.
    I can’t wait to see your soup recipe; it looks so yummy and hearty. All your meals do though. Have a great day Sunnie.

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