Healthy Surprise Review!

I have something awesome to tell you guys about today!

I recently got the opportunity to try out Healthy Surprise, which is all the rage right now! First off, let me give you some info about the company, via their website:

“We send you a box filled with the best snacks on the planet every month. Each box is filled with an assortment of different kinds of snacks including bars, fruit, nuts and seeds, kale chips, raw chocolate and all kinds of other tasty snacks. Each month you’ll receive a new and different snack from one of our great snack partners.”

How cool is that? When they generously sent over a box, I was expecting to find a bag of granola or so and just a few select snacks.


When I opened it, however, I was amazed to find all this:


As if that wasn’t enough, there were also tons of little items and products I have been dying to try.


Here are just a few of  my favorites from the box.

Sunfood Trail Mix


Matt’s Mango Munchies


Cocomojoe Salty Chocolate Molasses Granola


LiveSmart Skinny Yummy Raw Energy Bar


 Myrna’s Cinnamon Skinny Crisps


It’s already the 20th and I still have plenty of snacks left to try! I haven’t bought any other snack products this month, so this is an affordable way to get high quality and nutritious snacks in every day.

You can probably guess that I will be buying Healthy Surprise next month:)

This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.

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28 thoughts on “Healthy Surprise Review!

  1. Wow all those things looks awesome! I love getting stuff in the mail, it totally feels like Christmas!

  2. That is AWESOME. I love love love getting packages of goodies!

  3. Goodie bags are the best! Enjoy!

  4. kimthevegan

    Oh what a fun box of treats!!!!

  5. How fun! Getting packages in the mail are the absolute best! Double win if it’s full of delish goodies!

  6. Yum!! So jealous of all these blogger care packages! Hook me up! Hahah the granola is totally my fave though. Your photography looks great, too (as always) 🙂 Have a good night girl!!

    • Granola is so hard to beat! It has to be one of the most perfect foods out there haha:) This one was called salty chocolate but it had a really strong molasses flavor, which I loved.

  7. Awesome package!

  8. What a neat idea! I might signup for this 🙂

  9. That raw energy bar and those cinnamon crisps looks SO good. I need to get my hands on both of those!

    • The raw energy bar was the very first thing I tried! I loved that it wasn’t too high in sugar either (it only had 12g!) It tasted just like a cookie, too:)

  10. What an amazing package!! I’m pretty sure I would devour all that healthy goodness quickly 🙂

  11. Wow, so many goodies in there, I would have been soo excited to open that package!

  12. so jealous, everything looks really good!

  13. Hooray for healthy snacks!
    Heads up…I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. Thanks for all of your motivation!

  14. That box looks awesome! How are the pear crisps, they look great!

  15. Yum this is so cool! Enjoy the snacks 🙂

  16. i’ve been eyeing matt’s munchies! i need to try it!

  17. I freaking dig healthy conscious, their boxes are something I wish I could order monthly.

  18. Yummm!! I have actually never heard of this company before! I will definitely be checking it out!

    • Yayy glad to hear that! I am definitely going to order one for next month:) Nothing beats getting a big box full to the brim of healthy (and really good!) snacks!

  19. HA! I was just looking at subscribing to one of those snack delivered services yesterday. I am between Healthy Surprise and Nature Box.

  20. I love boxes like this! I know there are some that have to do with decor, clothing, drinks, ect. but this one is especially fun 🙂 It looks like it was packed full too (another perk!)

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