WIAW- Typical Day:)

Good morning! Ready for another round of WIAW?

Breakfast: Wallaby Greek+Cereal+Apple+Chia+Vega

I love this combo- it’s been breakfast for two weeks now! Nope, it hasn’t gotten old.


Lunch: Quinoa Salad from yesterday with hummus, avo, greens, and chicken

Because everything is better with hummus and avocado:)


Snack: Apple+GF English Muffin+Almond Butter and Jam


I also got to see Parental Guidance. I accidentally asked the lady for 3 tickets to Prenatal Guidance(??), though. That awkward moment! Haha

Anyways, it was super cute!



Dinner: Green salad with my Goddess Dressing, sweet potato, and salmon (x2).


 Last time I made salmon, I forgot about it until it began to smell like smoke! This time, it turned out perfect:)

Funny Confession Ecard: My cooking is fabulous. Even the smoke alarm is cheering me on!


Dessert: A few of these little gems.

My sweet old Italian neighbor always bakes these with her secret and traditional recipe and brings them to us. One is Raisin Chocolate Walnut, and the other is Chocolate Chip. Neither are super sweet, and they are perfect with tea. Of course, I had to try some of each;)


Onto Product Loving!

1.) Trader Joes’s Smooth and Creamy Classic Hummus:

 I couldn’t stop putting this amazing hummus on wraps, potatoes, salads, and sandwiches!


2.) Cook Simple Cowboy Chili:

This natural mix is a great option when your short on time. I add butternut squash and sweet potato, and it’s always a hit!



Mineral Fusion Nail Polish– natural nail polish? Yes please!


and now just a few of the amazing blogs I’ve been reading lately:

Abby Eats Almonds, Kath Eats, Avery Cooks, Clean Eating Veggie Girl, Clean Eats Fast Feets, Jessie Bear What Will You Wear, Peace Love and OatsPencils and Pancakes, Alisha’s Appetite, and Cookie Dough Katzen

And that’s all for now:) Have a lovely WIAW and thanks (as always) to Jenn!

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58 thoughts on “WIAW- Typical Day:)

  1. So many delicious eats- especially the look of your breakfast and dinner :)!

  2. Ooo I am very intrigued by the quinoa chili mix! And you’re right, everything is better with avocado and hummus 🙂

  3. Oh yum everything you had is so me! I want you to cook for me ! haha and that cowboy chilii looks great def gotta look at the store next time!

  4. Those desserts look so good. I’m definitely starting to appreciate the desserts that aren’t so sweet!

  5. Your lunch looks to die for! Hummus and avocado can solve all of the world’s problems 😉 Thanks for the shout-out! ❤

  6. Soooo much deliciousness in this post!! Seriously Im drolling over all of it. Must be all the good food from fresh and easy 😉

  7. you always eat so healthy! your dinner looks fabulous!

  8. Oh that nail polish looks awesome!

    And I’ve been on a major hummus kick lately too. I bought this southwestern style hummus and OMG! It is so good. I cannot stop eating it. I went through an entire container in about 2 days.

  9. “Because everything is better with avocado!” That could be my motto for life! Your food is awesome!
    And don’t get me started on the nail polish… I never go polish free. Ever. For me that’s like being naked. Yup, I’m a weirdo 😀

  10. Your so right – hummus and avocado is awesome with pretty much any meal!

  11. I meant you’re – argh! Sorry!

  12. hmmm i’ll have to try that breakfast combo!

  13. Ahhh your neighbour is so sweet! That’s so lovely. And they look sooo good.

  14. Yum, this all looks delicious!

  15. Such great meals!! When I was your age I think most of my snacks were just popcorn and carrot sticks haha glad to see you have a healthy variety 🙂

  16. Everything is definitely better with avocado and hummus… and nut butter, and chocolate, and cereal, and cookies 😉 Great eats, girl! Everything looks super tasty.

  17. That quinoa salad looks delicious. I’m going to make something like that for my lunch to take to class since I don’t have a break from 8 am-2 pm.

  18. Yum, all your meals looks delicious!

  19. i don’t think I could ever get bored with cereal.so yum

  20. Everything definitely is better with hummus and avocado. If I ever run out of ripe avocados I freak out a little but. My smoke alarm used to cheer me on all the time in my own apartment – I don’t know what I did wrong but it went off every time I cooked!

  21. Ooh that lunch looks delicious! I loooove avocado!

  22. Those cookies!! What a sweet lady! So much amazingness going on here. That cowboy chili sounds amazing! Cinnamon!? YUM!

  23. yum! your dinner is making me crave salmon 🙂

  24. Everything looks so tasty, and I love the quote about the smoke alarm! Have a great day, Sunnie!

  25. I’ve not heard much about Parental Guidance, but I’ll take your word for it and rent the movie when it comes out on RedBox.

    Yum to your salmon! My smoke alarm likes to cheer me on too. Thankfully just at home though and not the one in my dorm room. That’d be so humiliating!

    Great blogs that you linked to at the end.

    • It was definitely a cute family movie:) And I seriously need to start setting alarms on my phone to take stuff out of the oven! Haha. Thanks for the comment!

  26. Your lunch looks delicious! And I’ve finally started baking salmon in the oven, and it’s so much faster than I’d anticipated! The first time I cooked it I’m so glad I randomly decided to check on it because it was already done!

  27. Wow! I could only wish my kids would eat those kind of healthy meals. Nicely done.

  28. Looks like that salmon turned out very well indeed! And I think quinoa salads are one of the best lunches ever. I love that they just get better the longer they sit!

  29. Yummy! The english muffin + apple looks the best! Haha the salmon, salad and sweet potato are a close second though… Okay, let’s be real. I’d eat all of this haha have a good day, girlie!

  30. Oh that is one of my favorite dinners! I haven’t had salmon in a long while!

  31. Your breakfast looks delicious! I need to get on the greek yogurt wago for breakfast 🙂

  32. Your dinner looks almost exactly like the dinner I had tonight, except I had tilapia. I really want to see “prenatal” 😉 guidance….glad to hear you liked it.

  33. Such healthy yet delicious looking food, now THAT is balance!

  34. That is one fabulous day of eating! I love all of your variety. I get stuck in a weekly rut (mostly due to time) and your meals always have my mouth watering : )

  35. Wow, you are such a healthy eater, I need to take a page out of your book! 🙂

  36. I’ve been eating the same breakfast too-oatmeal made with low-food milk, blueberries, flax, chia, and raisins! Everything is better with hummus and avocado!! 😀 Natural nail polish? Sign me up!

  37. I love those nail polish colors. They are so festive and perfect for Spring. I am more than ready for winter to be over!!

  38. I sure wish I had those type of neighbors that you do! Those treats look delicious 🙂

  39. yum everything looks soo yummy! I just bought a huge sweet potatoe and im maing salmon right now!

  40. Breakfast and snack look amazing, pinned it!

  41. I just discovered Mineral Fusion nail polish and love it! I got it in a sexy red glitter color…perfect for Valentine’s Day! 😀

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