Way Better Snacks Review and Giveaway!!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the random winner Love Yourself Nutrition!

My idea of perfection in a chip: sprouted, whole grains, healthy fats, lower sodium, natural, fiber and protein content

My tastebud’s idea of perfection in a chip: SALTY, crunchy, big serving size, flavorful

Obviously, it was difficult to make both of these opinions happy. Until I tried Way Better Snacks!

The nice people at Way Better Snacks sent over their delicious sounding chips for me to review, which are all the rage right now! They were so generous and sent all 6 flavors, including Black Bean, Multi-Grain, Sweet Chili, Sweet Potato, Unbeatable Blues, and Naked Blues. When they arrived, my camera was dead, but I couldnt help but sneak a few of the Sweet Potato before taking this picture, in case you were wondering about the open bag;)


Here’s a little information about what makes Way Better Snacks so different from the standard chip, via their website:

  • Sprouting has been known to enhance the bio-availability of nutrients and aid in digestion
  • Every serving in them has an amazing amount (between  190 – 420mg) of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids.   Compare them to other chips, then enjoy
  • Our Broccoli and Radish seeds contain sulphoraphane glucosinolate, the natural antioxidant found in broccoli
  • Each serving of our chips contain a whopping 17 grams of whole grains

*All Natural * Vegan * Certified Gluten Free * Non GMO * Certified Kosher * Excellent Source of Whole Grains * Low Sodium

I couldn’t decide which one to try, but finally decided on the Black Bean, being the black bean lover that I am. These were super crunchy and had the perfect amount of  salt- just how I like them! Like the rest of the flavors, they had an 11 chip serving size, which was another plus. Don’t you hate it when the serving size is like 3 chips??


Even though I had already tried (and loved!) the sweet potato, I paired a few with hummus and included them in dinner last night. These go so well with hummus, and have just a hint of sweetness.


Then I brought them out for Game Day yesterday! I paired the Sweet Chili and the Naked Blues with TJ’s salsa. These two were my least favorite plain, but both went well with salsa:)


When packing my lunch for today, I threw in a few Unbeatable Blues. These are like the Naked Blues but more salty- yum!


Another favorite use for the chips was packing a few as an easy and healthy snack. I packed the Black Bean and Multi-Grain for after school. The Multi Grain is another one of my favorites! It goes great with hummus, guacamole, and pretty much any other topping you can think of:)


Then there’s the nutrition!


Love the 3 grams of fiber and less than 100mg of sodium! The ingredient list is clean as well, even if corn is the first ingredient. It’s great to see all the whole grains and chia seeds in there!

Want to win a sampler box of your very own??

Just leave a comment letting me know what flavor sounds best and you could win your very own case!

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The winner will be randomly chosen next Monday, February 11th.

Good luck to everyone!:)

*This review was my sole opinion. I was not compensated.*

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92 thoughts on “Way Better Snacks Review and Giveaway!!

  1. Marissa

    I think the Sweet Potato sounds the best! I loove sweet potatoes

  2. Black bean sounds amazing

  3. The Sweet potato ones sound great, I love Sweet Potato!

  4. Imma say sweet potato as well!! YUM

  5. I think the black bean and multi-grain kinds sound good since you said they’re great with hummus and guacamole — and I love those! 😀

  6. I follow you! 🙂

  7. I think the sweet chili one sounds delicious, but I’d be happy to try any of them! 🙂

  8. i adore the sweet potato ones, love them!

  9. I like you on facebook!

  10. i follow you now

  11. Sweet chili sounds awesome!

  12. I follow you on WordPress

  13. I liked you on Facebook

  14. I think they all sound great, but sweet potato is always a good choice!

  15. sarah

    It has got to be the sweet potato for me… but the unbeatable blues comes a close 2nd. I want to know what makes the ‘unbeatable’ :).

  16. I would love the sweet chili ones!! Oh, and I follow your blog and liked you on Facebook:)

  17. I am glad to see that chips are starting to get healthier, I just wish they would do away with the corn!

  18. Sweet potato all the way!!!

  19. sweet potato for sure!

  20. The sweet potato ones sounds amazing!

  21. Sweet Chili 🙂 and thanks for the giveaway!

  22. & liked on facebook 😛

  23. I loooove sweet potato chips! Those look delicious!

  24. Alexandra

    Multigrain sounds simple and delicious with every topping!

  25. Sweet potato chips for sure! The sweet and salty does my taste buds wonders.. I love how the ingredients are sprouted this makes things easier on the digestive system! I have attempted sprouting and dehydrating raw chips and they never turn out tasty! I hope to find these at whole foods so I can give them a try! Love and shine Courtstar

  26. Salty, crunchy, and flavorful – definitely chip perfection 😀 The sweet potato ones sound delicious.

  27. I already follow you.

  28. sweet potato sounds soooo good!

  29. I would LOVE to try the sweet chili flavor. That sounds amazing!

  30. Sara Leptuch

    The sweet potato ones!!

  31. Sweet potato sounds soooo good!

  32. I recently tried and loved the Sweet Chili flavour! I’m especially interested in the Sweet Potato flavour but they all sound great!

  33. Liked on FB!

  34. I’ve had the sweet potato ones and they are so good !

  35. cryssy

    Black bean flavour wooooow it’s like a taco shell and filling altogether!

  36. Jessica

    sweet potato sounds amazing!

  37. Oh yum the sweet potato chips look the best to me!

  38. haha I’m with you, I love chips solely for the salty satisfaction they provide. I’m currently snacking on corn chips as I type this, but I’m wishing I could try this brand, specifically the multi-grain!!

  39. id say blackbean too! i love sweet potato but those blackbean ones look great

  40. I reblogged your giveaway! Check it out here: barefootbaker.blog.com

  41. I would LOVE to try the black bean, given my recent black bean addiction!

  42. I “liked” Modern Girl Nutrition on facebook!

  43. I follow you on wordpress

  44. Simone Slater

    I would love the sweet potato!!

  45. Simone Slater

    I follow you!

  46. Simone Slater

    and I liked modern girl on facebook 🙂

  47. I’m loving the nutritional stats on these chips! All of the flavors sounds so good, but I’m going to go with the multi-grain!

  48. I love thick and flavorful chips like that. We had some with my feta dip for the superbowl yesterday. Sweet potato sounds fantastic! I’m sure I’d love those!

  49. Just found your blog – I am LOVING it – you are such a smart little one 😉 Pray my young boys someday follow a traditional lifestyle – at least I broke them of the nasty chicken nuggest habit – NASTY! Anyways following along and getting some great ideas. I’m a newbie blogger so I love when I find good blogs like yours! http://www.colorushealthy.com

    • You are so sweet- Thank you for all the nice words! I used to LOVE chicken nuggets so totally understand where they are coming from haha;) Love your blog too and thank you again for stopping by!

  50. Looks delicious! Your pictures def make me want some 🙂

  51. Awesome product review! I am a sucker for anything Sweet Chilli so that would definitely be my pick out of all the flavours!

  52. OMG they all look amazing – I really need to try those!

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  54. Tonia

    I would love to try the sweet potato chips!!

  55. Aunt J

    You inspire me!

  56. I’ve always wanted to try these chips!!

  57. I just liked you on FB and am following you via email 🙂

  58. Yum! You lucky duck! These babies look right up your alley. 🙂 Sweet potato all the way!!
    And I have to say that your salad you packed for lunch looks awesome. Can you just make all my food please? 😉

  59. Hey Sunnie – I’ve tried sweet potato and love it! I would really like to try the multrigrain though. I haven’t come across a multigrain chip that I could eat since going gluten-free.
    That’s awesome that they sent them to you to try out!

  60. Sweet potato…always sweet potato! 🙂 They all sound delicious, though!

  61. Hope

    the sweet potato flavor sounds delicious! 🙂

  62. The sweet potato sounds AWESOME! I love that these are GF 🙂

  63. Also, I obviously follow you!! You’re the best!

  64. briana

    The sweet chili ones sounds like the best day of my life in a bag! I would make love to those chips no condom. lolz

  65. briana

    i followed you on wordpress too!

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  68. erin

    oooh…black bean or sweet potato

  69. Linda S

    It’s hard to decide…I guess mulit-grain because I love everything mulit-grain! Sweet potato and black bean are defintiely runners up!

  70. omg, sweet potato sounds delicious! but so does chili, I can’t decide 😀 (a good thing when it comes to deliciousness!)

    i also liked you on fb, under Tatiana 🙂 as well as following you through blogger url!

  71. I think the black bean ones sound great. The sweet potato too.

  72. Sweet Chili sounds the best! 😀

  73. I liked you on Facebook!

  74. Alisa

    I have tried the sweet chili and fell in love! I have been wanting to try the other flavors too! The sweet potato sounds amazing!!

  75. Alisa

    I started following you!

  76. mmm sweet chilling sounds delish!!

  77. Madeline

    Black bean would be my favorite!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  78. Madeline

    I “like” your Facebook page (FB name: Madeline Brubaker).

  79. Carlie

    I followed you via email! 🙂

  80. Ttrockwood

    The unbeatable blues sound great- they all do!

  81. Ttrockwood

    Liked you on fb (teri)

  82. Barb K

    I would like to try the Sweet Chile.

  83. Barb K

    I Liked Modern Girl Nutrition On Face Book. Under LeeAnn Perry.

  84. Barb K

    I Follow Modern Girl Nutrition.

  85. Meryl

    I like the Multi Grain.

  86. Louis

    Unbeatable Blues.

  87. AmyS

    I think the Sweet chili would be awesome to try.

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