Ode to the Green Smoothie

Want cake for breakfast?

It may be 30 degrees, but I’m back on a serious smoothie kick! From Peach Banana Berry to Key Lime pie, I’ve been making a smoothie every single morning, even if I have to drink it with 2 jackets on:) Here are my top sinful tasting yet super healthy smoothies.

Peach Banana Berry Green Smoothie

peach berry best

Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

sweet potato smoothie

LemonBerry Smoothie

blueberry lemonade 3

Blackberry Cobbler Green Smoothie

perfect fit blackberry

Red Velvet Green Smoothie

red velvet smoothie

Tangy Melon Mint

honeydew smoothie2

Pecan Pie Smoothie:

pecan pie 3

Tangy Peach

peach smooth

Grasshopper Green Smoothie


Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

keylime smoothieside

Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Zuchinni Bread

zuchinni smoothie2

Caramel Apple Green Smoothie

caramel apple 4

Tropical Cinnamon PB Smoothie

tropical pb

Chocolate Coconut Bliss


These taste like decadent desserts, but are powered up with spinach and healthy fats like flaxseed. Topped off with a mountain sprinkling of granola or meusli, breakfast just doesn’t get much better:)


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36 thoughts on “Ode to the Green Smoothie

  1. That sweet potato pie smoothie is right up my alley!! Definitely a must try!

  2. oh wow, so many dreamy sounding smoothies. I want to try them all! I think the strawberry shortcake especially is calling my name 😛

  3. i no i just came in from the snow and whipped up a smoothie ! that caramel apple is def next on my list

  4. mmmmmmm smoothies

  5. oh man these all sound so good, I wish I was better at making smoothies

  6. I ALWAYS want cake for breakfast, and next time I am feeling naughty I will make one of these nomtastic smoothies!

  7. I SO want to try that sweet potato pie smoothie. That sounds super tasty! 🙂

  8. So many great smoothie recipes. Thanks Sunnie. I drink my morning smoothie when I’m in the shower. Weird, but at least I’m not freezing.

  9. Yum!! I know where I’ll be next time I’m craving a smoothie! 😉

  10. Oh they all look sooo good!

  11. These smoothies look awesome, thanks!

  12. These all look gorgeous – and given how hot it is here in Australia, seasonally appropriate too!

  13. The Tropical Cinammon PB smoothie sounds great!

  14. mmmmmmm- this post makes me want a smoothie so badly!!

  15. I agree with the above – you should open a smoothie shop!! My faves are full of spinach and other fresh greens with a TON of pineapple to help with flavor. Makes my skin smile 🙂

  16. Mmm, these look so good. I need to get back to doing green smoothies and you have a ton of fun ones to try!

  17. I’m back on a smoothie kick as well. Can’t wait to make a strawberry banana oatmeal smoothie tomorrow!

  18. This looks great! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  19. These all look great! I love making smoothies:) The strawberry shortcake sounds amazing! Never thougt to put avo pit in a smotthie but I read tht live strong article you posted:) so interesting, learn something everyday! xo

  20. Wow I’m drooling while reading this 😛 These sound like amazing ideas ^^

  21. How have I never seen that sweet potato pie smoothie? I am obsessed with anything sweet potato so this is a must-make!

  22. That Sweet Potato Pie smoothie! I keep forgetting about it! I’m making a note in my planner to try it this week 🙂

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