A Great Start to the Week

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I had my hands full with Zazu… I caught him burying his bones in my garden beds- look at that guilty face!

PicMonkey Collage

Speaking of dogs, have any of you heard of the Text from Dog Tumblr? Some of them are pretty funny- I like this one:)



After laughing at that, I had breakfast which was Crockpot Oats with cinnamon (the best), almond butter, and a green smoothie.


I packed some energy squares to hold me over until lunch, then threw together a sandwich that is my current obsession. This lunch is filling, so healthy, and really easy! Here’s a little tutorial:)





I put leftover sweet potato on it the other day and it was amazing! It sounds weird, but it’s my new favorite sandwich topping. I also packed an orange and crackers alongside! The crackers were Lydia’s Organics- go enter my giveaway here!


After school I took care of the ponies. I was lucky enough to get to see my old pony recently, too! I got him when I was 7 and now he is retired and is owned by a 4-year-old girl. He may be 28, but he thinks he is 2:) I couldn’t ask for a better home for him and am so lucky to have him in such a great place.


Dinner included this Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread. This mix is dangerous-it’s ridiculously good!


I crumbled a little over a butternut blackbean crockpot chili and ate a million  another few little squares alongside. Monday dinners are always so good because I spend a few minutes on Sunday night putting something together in the crockpot, then just plug it in on Monday morning.


After which I did my homework, read some awesome blogs like Bite-Sized Thoughts, Abby Eats Almonds, Running with Spoons, and Clean Eating Veggie Girl, broke into my TJ’s chocolate stash, watched a few minutes of random shows while painting my nails (this multi-tasking didn’t work so well haha), and fell asleep. Loved this relaxing day.

Hope you are having a great start to your week, too!


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37 thoughts on “A Great Start to the Week

  1. Yum Sunnie – so many lovely eats. Naughty Zazu, he obviously appreciated your planting skills ;). That sandwich sounds great, what veggies do you put inside? And your pony looks great for 28 – and very pleased to see you!

  2. i love that site! I am a little too dog obsessed but they all make me howl in laughter. glad I’m not the only one

  3. I definitely need to try that sandwich combo! Looks amazing 🙂

  4. I am so jealous of your lunch. We have NO food and I must get to the grocery store.
    Where is the that butternut chili recipe hiding? And the crockpot oats. Yum! Going ot make a green spinach smoothie and get to work because someone I have spinach in my house : )

  5. I love the veggie sandwiches 🙂 I need to start making these. I love that they are both low calorie but filling! GREAT idea. I know sandwiches can really be made with any type of veggies/spreads but I feel like mine are always so plain. I like the idea of hummus and avocado.

  6. Amanda

    That sandwich looks divine! I’ve never tried hummus and avocado together, but I’ll have to give it a shot.

  7. Looks like a fun day of eats. Your retired pony is super cute!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout girl! Love the texts from dog. I’ve read too many of them.. haha. I’m sure sweet potato is a wonderful sandwich fixing! You’re a pro. Have a good Tuesday!

  9. That sandwich looks incredible! Making me so hungry for lunch now!

  10. I just had a wrap for lunch today and I added humus to it after seeing your addition! It was delish!

  11. Runner Girl Eats

    I never thought about using sweet potatoes as a topping but it sounds fantastic. Also, I love the dog texts 🙂

  12. lol It is the best when you catch your pup in the act of doing something wrong cuz they totally know they are being bad!! I usually start laughing, I find it so hard to stay mad at my pup!

  13. yummm sweet potatoes on that would sound amazing!! cornbread with chili is one of my fav combos!! i always regret when I dont make any for the side!

  14. Come cook for me every day please 🙂

  15. Such a hearty and delicious sandwich! I need to make those for lunch!!

  16. Oh my I haven’t had cornbread and chili in a long while!! Now I am craving it, lol😊

  17. Why have I never thought of throwing everything into a crockpot on Sunday night and just waiting until Monday to plug it in? You’re a genius, and your old pony is adorable.

  18. Silly doggie, shows he appreciates well tilled soil. 🙂 hummus and avocado…I love both so I’ve got to try it your way.

  19. AmyS

    that sandwich sounds good- never thought about that combination before.

  20. Ohhh bustedddd puppy!! I hope he didn’t hurt the garden! That sammich looks yummo!

  21. Roasted sweet potatoes make awesome sandwich toppings. Add in your hummus and avocado idea and it sounds perfect!

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I appreciate it more than you know! 🙂

  22. how weird. I’ve never actually met a dog that buried a bone! so cute!

  23. Haha Zazu! What do you plant in your garden?

    Sweet potatoes on sandwiches add such a nice and earthy flavor! All of the pictures of your food always turn out awesome! Thanks for your inspiration each day to eat healthy!

  24. This sandwich looks yummy! I love hummus and avo 🙂 I might try this one some spelt bread and with grilled eggplant or mushrooms since I don’t eat chicken too often. Thanks!

  25. Your sandwich looks great and I have all of those things in the fridge! Thanks for inspiring some new ideas!

  26. yumm everything looks so delicious! I absolutey adore using my Crock-Pot although it does overcook some things. The pony is so adorable, I’m pretty sure he’s every little girls’ dream!

  27. ooh I have yet to try adding sweet potato to a hummus/avocado sandwich but it seems like a brilliant idea, can’t wait to try it out thanks!

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