WIAW- The Protein Pancake Takeover

Hi there!

This WIAW has a new favorite- protein pancakes! To be honest, I didn’t understand the fad over them at first. The batter sounded, well…intersting, and I thought they would fail to have any staying power. But thanks to Jessie,  Jessie, and Heather, I finally gave them a try. And loved them! These are super healthy, so filling, and incredibly easy.


I take one banana, 1/3 c. oat flour, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 2 T. chocolate protein powder and one egg, mash it all up, and let it go for about 90 seconds on each side. Formal recipe coming soon!


This isn’t a situation where you pretend that a raw juice pulp burger (which is actually pretty good!) tastes exactly like a Big Mac. Nope, these are just like regular pancakes:) Fluffy, soft, and decadent- yum!


I couldn’t spend all day eating pancakes sadly, so after I headed to school. Has anyone heard of the sock bun? My sweet sister did (a gigantic) one in my hair for school recently.  I couldn’t figure it out, but she learned it right away from this tutorial! It only took two seconds once we found a sock that hadn’t been shredded by Zazu:)


Lunch was a chicken hummus veggie sweet potato wrap with crackers and a Cutie.


Since we have to drive past Trader Joe’s on the way home from school, we stopped in for a few minutes because we were running low on a few things. Yogurt, water, bananas, tortillas, and hummus all made it to the cart.


I broke into the individual yogurt once I was home:) Then we headed to the barn.


And dinner was an acorn squash half filled with curried quinoa and topped with salty pistachios. So good! Recipe coming soon


Red Velvet Red Mango. Enough said.


I still have some homework left, so I’m skipping the product loving today.

Have a lovely WIAW!


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47 thoughts on “WIAW- The Protein Pancake Takeover

  1. Ah, you’ve finally hopped on the pancake train! (thanks for the shout out too btw) 🙂

  2. Haha these babies look awesome! Chocolate protein powder is the best thing you could have in the pantry- you can use it for just about anything 🙂

  3. That’s what I call a bunch of delicious eats: I’ve been such a freak for wraps recently and greek yogurt with fruits, too!

  4. Your hair looks really good! I need to try that sock bun I think 🙂 I never know what to do with my hair!
    I have never been tempted by protein powder. It just doesn’t appeal to me. But your pancakes do look pretty darn tasty!

  5. Your dinner looks great!! And don’t worry, me and my sister area constantly at the store getting yogurt 😉

  6. I used to make protein pancakes all the time, but now I’m a sucker for my 2 ingredient pancake! Anything that speeds up meal making/clean up is my best friend 🙂

  7. I ended my day yesterday with some froyo too! All your eats look fabulous!

  8. Wow so many delicious eats here! My reciepts are nut butter, nut butter, nut butter!

  9. Oooh there’s so many yummies! You’re making me majorly crave some pancakes. Maybe Friday will be the day. 🙂 As for your ginormous sock bun- love it, love it. And the wrap? Well I think you know how I feel about this one 😉 Have a fabulous day Sunnie!

  10. thanks for the link back sunnie! LOVELOVELOVE that bun! Always have a hard time putting sock buns in my own hair

  11. I’ve got an acorn squash sitting on my counter begging to be used! And your squash/quinoa dish sounds amazing! I’ll have to try and create it with what I’ve got on hand in my kitchen. Thanks for posting 🙂

  12. gah I miss red mango, I can’t find one near me here

  13. The squash with quinoa looks delicious! Waiting for your recipe so I can try that for dinner one of these days!

  14. Oh my goodness I need all of this food!

  15. Protein pancakes sound intriguing. Sounds like the perfect healthy weekend treat – love the addition of bananas in the batter too! 🙂

  16. FRO YO!!!! That acorn squash sounds amazing!

  17. mmmm that fro yo looks good!!!! and pancakes!!..always a winner haha.

  18. Seriously – I kill for protein pancakes!!! LOL! 😉 It’s like you’re eating dessert for breakfast!

  19. Your hair looks so pretty! And um, I wish I hadn’t seen that last picture…now I really want some fro yo!

  20. My roommate and I actually spent like an hour trying to figure out how to do the sockbun. Those tutorials were not very helpful or maybe we were just too slow! haha 🙂

  21. Protein Pancakes look SO good. 🙂 I have been experimenting with all different kinds over the past few months so I’ll have to try them!

  22. hahahha the juice pulp burger and big mac is soo true ! now that you tried them i def believe in these pancakes and have to finally give them a try!

  23. Sonja @ The {Happy} Travel Bug

    LOVE red mango! Never tried the Red Velvet. I usually get the Nutella, original, cake batter or peanut butter.

  24. I love the sock bun! That looks awesome as does your lunch and that mango madness. I will take one of those please.

  25. I have yet to try protein pancakes, mostly because I’m too lazy in the morning, but you make it sound so easy that I might have to give it a try. Then again, I’m kind of stuck on my yogurt messes, so pancakes might have to be postponed to dinner… which is fine by me 😀

  26. I think I’m in love with your life, everything you and eat and make looks so delicious and healthy!! You are so inspiring 🙂 I have yet to try protein pancakes although I think you’ve convinced me to try it out soon!

  27. I love the plain yogurt and mixing in fruit to make it my own.

  28. I do my protein pancakes with whole oats, egg, baking powder, and cinnamon. So good!

  29. Those protein pancakes sound amazing 🙂 Haha, you really do like to eat yogurt 😛 Nothing wrong with some probiotics. It’s actually pretty crazy but there are studies now linking gut microbiota with things like depression and just mood in general. Crazy!

  30. Ohh ending with the Red Mango was perfect!! I love the acorn squash meal..yum with the pistachios!

  31. You can never have too much yogurt….especially, frozen yogurt! 😉

  32. We’ve been going through cuties like hotcakes in my kitchen! Love your sockbun!

    Filling acorn squash makes it look so decadent!

  33. Mmmm, those protein pancakes look awesome. I love making protein pancakes. I usually do them as my Sunday tradition 🙂

  34. I love sock buns!!! My hair isn’t long enough for it too look very good though, your’s looked awesome. Im definitely going to give those pancakes a try!

  35. I love, love pancakes! Never had protein pancakes before though…the consistency and texture looks different but I bet they still taste delicious!!

  36. Mmmm pancakes, and yours do look rather great my friend! I have had protein pancakes before and I genuinely enjoy them. Plus they are so adaptable to different ingredients and flavors, you can try new things regularly! Loving that sock bun, I wish my hair was long enough!

  37. Your pancakes look amazing! I love how you called out the pulp burger haha. The paleo pancakes I make are definitely not a “tastes just like pancakes!!” type of pancake but if you haven’t had a real pancake in a while its all the same!

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