MGN’s Go-To Breakfast Ideas

Having to leave for school at 6:25, I’m lucky if I end up with matching socks on, much less with a fancy breakfast! However, I always try to make the time to throw together something filling and healthy, since nobody likes being hungry at school. Whether it be a big green smoothie or a 5 minute protein pancake, here are some of my quick and easy go-to ideas!

1.) Healthy cereal. Original, right? 😉 But really, it’s always been a favorite and you can’t beat the convenience. I amp mine up with fresh fruit and chia seeds.


2.) Oats+nut butter+mini smoothie. This combo is always a winner, and keeps me full for hours.



3. Egg Sandwich on an English Muffin. Love, love, love this combo! My toppings are almost always 1 egg+1 egg white, 1/4 avocado, and hummus. This one has kabocha squash on it because I had leftover kabocha that needed to be used up- yum!


…or just egg avocado toast!


4.) Yogurt bowls are easy and protein-packed, never without granola 🙂


love grown simply oats 2

5.) Already halfway made by the morning, my power parfaits are great especially when you have to wait a long time until lunch.

power pbbanchoc real

6.) Muffins? Yes please! These are super easy to pack in the morning


7.) 5 minute protein pancakes are common occurrences around here!


8.) And the good old bar? Not a bad choice either 🙂


After writing that post, I’m definitely making breakfast for dinner 😉

And congrats to my VitaTops giveaway winner:

Simone Slater! Thanks to everyone who entered!


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39 thoughts on “MGN’s Go-To Breakfast Ideas

  1. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Breakfast is my favorite! Everything looks so good, especially the power parfaits! So creative. I try and make breakfast my biggest meal of the day. Lately it’s been a loaded oatmeal bowl with all kinds of things- chia, pumpkin, cocoa powder, coconut oil, almond butter, etc. etc. I’m always hungriest in the morning! 🙂

  2. Some great ideas here Sunnie, thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m a huge fan of all those breakfasts! I leave for work at the same time you leave for school, so i totally feel ya on the early morning thing!

  4. Great post! I love all of your breakfast ideas. Definitely what I eat a lot of!

  5. I’d probably do the oats. Cold cereal just doesn’t fill me up that well!

  6. Looks like you definitely are starting your day off right!

  7. I wish I was a breakfast person, i am all about the combos though. they look delicious!

  8. These are among some of my favorite breakfasts too!

  9. Yay! Breakfast is my favorite! All of your food looks so fresh and crisp! Cereal bowls are by far the best 🙂

    • Especially with a million different kinds of cereal:) When I was little I used to mixed Honey Bunches with cocoa puffs with rice krispies- it was amazing:)Thanks for visitng Abby!

  10. I’m hungry looking at your breakfasts!! I’ve reduced breakfast to hardboiled eggs with a piece of citrus fruit and I must say, I crave the weekends for a creative and time consuming breakfast!

  11. Sunnie,
    Great ideas–I’m trying to add more avocado to my life this year, and those eggs and avocado combos look delicious!

  12. Thanks for all the amazing breakfast options! It makes me feel better that I am not the only one up a ridiculous hour everyday making breakfast 🙂 Cant wait to try the muffins!

  13. Looking at this just reminds me of why breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I could actually eat breakfast foods for all 3 meals!

  14. health advocation

    Haha, I plan on doing breakfast for lunch. I had a smoothie for breakfast, but oatmeal sounds great to warm me up on this cold rainy day! I think I’ll try your power pancake recipe this weekend, yummy! I love fitting protein in my diet to keep me full. And I’ve been doing yogurt bowls often as well, such a good replace,net for ice cream and a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth 🙂 have a good rest of the week

  15. This post is a breakfast lover’s dream ❤ Lately I've been hooked on yogurt bowls with fruit, cereal, and nut butter, but really, any breakfast food is pretty darn good.

  16. Cereal may not be super exciting, but it is GOOD and definitely one of my go-to breakfasts. I am also a big fan of toast with nut butter and waffle-wiches!

  17. oooh i love these! I need to eat the second one more, totally keeps me full for hours too

  18. These are great ideas! Breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day!!!

  19. fitterfashionista

    I am so trying the power parfait… looked SO good! Thanks so much for the post, you are def a girl after my own heart, half those breakfasts are what my a.m plate looks like every week!! 🙂

  20. 6:25 am?? Too early! I leave for work ~7:20 and I still feel like I dont have time to sleep or eat. Thanks for all the quick breakfast ideas! I hate when I start starting at the clock around 9 am, wishing for my lunch.

  21. Those are some great ideas 😀 I love muffins or baked oatmeal bars which I usually eat while on the bus 😛

    • Your comment came up as spam but I rescued it haha-that happened to me a while ago for about a week- it usually fixes itself once enough people mark you as “not spam”:) Thanks for visiting!

  22. All great ideas! And ‘brinner’ is one my favorites :). What kind of cereals do you usually buy? I could use some new healthy recommendations!

  23. I heart breakfast, but I can’t eat right away in the morning. I need to wake up first, but all of these options sound fabulous especially the English muffin with egg and avocado. Yum.

  24. Seriously all of those look amazing! I work super early in the morning and never have time for elaborate breakfast time, so these simple, quick (and filling!) breakfasts are perfect!

  25. Breakfast is my favorite me! All of these ideas look so yummy 🙂

  26. oh geeze. I really want to make my own mcmuffins. I’ve been seeing them everywhere!

  27. Great ideas! I wish I was that clever when I was your age 🙂 I was a toast and jam person haha sometimes cereal 🙂

  28. Love the egg avocado toast!

  29. Yum! It all looks fabulous, especially #3. Love the ideas girl 🙂

  30. Love granola and apples so that’s my favorite. I have oatmeal and a smoothie every morning for breakfast most days!!

  31. Oh man, what I wouldn’t give for one of those egg sandwiches right now! Thanks for all of these wonderful ideas.

  32. Awesome ideas! I just started back at school and will be mixing up my breakfasts/snacks with some of these 🙂 thanks!

  33. I loooooove breakfast so of course I love this post! Awesome ideas 🙂

  34. love all of these breakfast options! 6:25 is a bit early to get up but it definitely helps to start the day off with a tasty and filling meal 🙂

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